Samsung Galaxy Note O2 UK November Release

O2 UK have been updating their ‘Coming Soon’ page online, we already know that many smartphoens are coming in November with the network carrier, such as the HTX Sensation XL, Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC Explorer, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note.

If you visit the O2 UK Coming Soon page you will notice it is now listing the Samsung Galaxy Note, when you visit there you will notice that the link does not work as of yet. Obviously they are updating its system when they know more.

If you click on the box with the Galaxy Note in you will be sent to a page with url saying www.o2.co.uk/comingsoon/comingsoon/htcExplorer, think O2 might have that a little wrong, the page you get directed to says “Unfortunately the server couldn’t find the page you requested, either because it is temporarily unavailable, has had its name changed or no longer exists”.

O2 just needs to update its system that is all; it will be up and running soon. We will bring you more information as soon as the page goes live, thanks.

Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note where it releases on O2?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note O2 UK November Release”

  1. Guest says:

    DONT BUY GALAXY NOTE. A warning to everybody who is thinking of buying it. It is not worth of money at all. Its battery life is too short than the claim. Its software is troublesome. I’m regretting big time…… When I looked for help, I cam to know that there is NO CUSTOMER CARE available in Ireland. BAD DECISION on my part.

    1. Mike says:

      Don’t let one person’s review put you off. Judge for youself. Had my note 3 days and love it so far – not everything is better than my SII I admit but it’s a keeper. Don’t even feel too silly using it as a phone – just cover as much as I can with my hand. Stunning screen, slick and fast, amazingly light but well made. My battery life is great – I guess nearly twice my SII. Try before you buy if you can. It’s a ‘Marmite’ phone – you’ll love it or hate it.


  2. Mikawala says:

    I can’t wait to lay my hands on the Galaxy note. I have used the Dell Streak. The size was my main attraction. Who says 5.3 is too big to be used as a phone? Mark my words; very soon 5.0 will become standard. Afterall more than 80% of what we do with our phone is multimedia, internet etc. which you enjoy most with bigger screen.

  3. Guest says:

    Fed up with my Samsung Galaxy.  It regularly drains by data allowance overnight and no body can tell me why.  I phone O2 and they just tell me, in effect, i was browsing in my sleep.  What a mistake

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