Top Smartphone Comparisons: Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S

Two of the best smartphones that come to mind, has to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the Apple iPhone 4S, so what happens when you put the two side-by-side in a top smartphone comparisons test?

T3 have decided to do just this, they have made a video with the two handsets side-by-side, and this is where the Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S comes into play. First of all, today we reported that that there were rumours of the Galaxy Nexus seeing a delay, this is not true and will continue to release on November 17th as planned.

Below you can watch the T3 video of the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus, the source has a few good things to say about both phones, we will not pass judgement here, we will leave that up to you.

Please watch the video below and then let us know what smartphone you would prefer to have, get those comments in as it allows us to understand what you prefer in life. They talk about each smartphone and run through a few of the specs, love to know if you agree with T3.


5 thoughts on “Top Smartphone Comparisons: Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S”

  1. LK says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Just ordered a 4s, although by the time it arrives the Nexus will be out, I may be picking up the phone to cancel. Jury is out for me at the moment. Need to hear more about battery life and if there are any bugs popping up as after all Ice cream is fresh out – ‘scuse the pun.

  2. eMtoN says:

    I just sold my iPhone 4S yesterday and waiting for the Nexus in Hong Kong. iPhone is a good phone, it’s so good that child uses it, grandma uses it, and the cleaning ladies are using it… It is everywhere.. 
    Now ask yourself did anyone uses all functions on a phone? not often.. Should really focus on what you’d actually use and to me the camera and sharing function are my greatest interests. So looking forward on the instant shot by shot camera on the nexus. 

    Face the truth that a Phone is not all about functions.
    I don’t see a Chanel hand bag will carry more function than any other bag we saw people carrying everyday. But people’d love to carry a Chanel becuz of lots of other reasons. It’s an image.

    So, sorry iPhone fans, I will not be carrying a Top dollar everyday phone the same as your lawyer and your maid.

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