Confusion of Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread?

Confusion is slightly setting in, if you have the stock non-rooted HTC Droid Incredible we want to hear from you. Have you received the new Gingerbread software update from Verizon?

The HTC Droid Incredible is now and finally receiving the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, but like Droid-Life we are confused as well. The source points out that the DROID Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread update was supposed to come back in September for non-rooted owners, but this did not happened, well it did and then it didn’t.

It came but then decided to go, one of the sources readers said that they have received the new update saying it is “build number 4.08.605”, which is different to the original Android 2.3 Gingerbread build.

You can take a look at the screenshot below of the update features, apparently and according to Verizon, the update is only 8.6MB, seems a little strange when you think about some still having Android 2.2 on their HTC Droid Incredible handsets. Surely the update would have to be a lot larger than this if it was Gingerbread.

Please let us know if you have received the new Verizon software update, we would also like to know if you are running Android 2.2 or 2.3?


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  1. BCC says:

    Received the update this morning at around 5:30AM EST.  the Incredible was purchased stock as a 2.2 android and upgraded itself to the 2.3 quite a while back.  It is now showing as 2.3.4 and the software is 4.06.605.3  – build nr is is the same with a release key nr 

    I experienced some difficulty with ‘low memory’ but the secondary message said low storage not memory.  It also did not read the the apps assigned and stored to the SD card so I dismounted the SD card and then remounted it.  I also lost all the app icon designs for any app on the SD card.  I reapplied the apps (did not reload them, just + them back onto the screens and dragged the generic ones into the trash.  

    Phone is faster on boot up and shut down, seems to be faster once I’m in an application as well.  

    I’ll post more in a few days when I’ve had the opportunity to run all my apps etc.


    1. Depper23 says:

      I had the same problem with it not reading apps on the sd card. I don’t want to have to redownload them because they ate still taking up space on my card.

  2. Reid L Simpson says:

    My Droid Incredible just got an OTA update overnight:
    Android version: 2.3.4
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: htc-kernel@and18-2 #1 Thu Aug 18 16:35:55 CST 2011
    Build number: 4.06.605.3 CL 140944 release-keys
    Software number: 4.06.605.3

  3. Bob says:

    Got the update. I think it was 87mb…functionality is much smoother. Does have bit of a different feel, but not that much. Should keep me occupies till my upgrade in January.

  4. received the update around 9 CST.  Some of my apps are gone with dead shortcuts.  I suppose these require a gingerbread version?  My alarm sounds are all switched or missing.  Seems a little buggy so far…

  5. gamebird says:

    Got my update today!! ..was warned about the SD apps not working so i had already moved them to the internal memory in preparation. Now I need to figure out exactly what this update does!

  6. Jtodd says:

    Just got my update to Android 2.3.4 Build 4.06.605.3 on my HTC Incredible.  This morning my alarm app didn’t work.  My phone showed me living in Beijing, China with a 13 hour time difference!  What?

  7. Eric says:

    I was updated to 2.3.4 build 4.06.605.3 this morning.  I, however, did not get a warning about apps on the SD card not working and I have lost several apps.  Normally this would not matter but two of them i paid for…and I have no idea how to recover them without paying again. 🙁  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

    1. Brent says:

      There is an app in the Market called aTrackDog (SD).  Once it is downloaded and opened, you can see a list of all of the apps that are on your SD card (and no longer accessible on your phone).  You can click on each app and select to “Install from SD card”.  This will allow you to reimport your apps to your phone (and then I would just use and App2SD card app to move them back later).

  8. Eric says:

    Update:  I just figured out the apps problem.  I turned off the phone, removed the SD card, powered the phone back up, re-inserted the SD card, and after about 2-3 minutes my apps all came back!  They seem to work fine….other notes:  The phone is at least 300% faster on start-up and shutdown…the difference from before is unreal….also everything seems to be smoother and more responsive, screen transition is much nicer too, the power down menu options also seemed to have changed….all and all, I am very happy with this update.

  9. Megahyp says:

    Received mine this morning (11/15/2011) at around 7:30am.  Downloaded and took forever to reboot.  I actually thought the phone was frozen but I let it sit on the “droid eye” screen for 10 minutes and it finally restarted.  Everything is running smooth.

    1. Megahyp says:

      btw, I was on 2.2, I purchased the phone on release date back in April of 2010 with 2.1 and never received any form of 2.3 update until this morning.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I got the update overnight and had to reboot.  I too thought the phone was frozen at the droid eye, but it went forward.  There were several apps that appeared to get lost. I unmounted and then remounted the SD card.  It works now.

  11. TC says:

    Got my update, the trick of turning off the phone when fully charged to get the battery to charge a little more no longer works, the indicator light stays green the whole time, which hopefully means the battery gets the same extra full charge without having to turn the phone off.

  12. sayjoe90 says:

    received the promt to update in my notification bar. selected “restart and install”. took me too my system updates category in my about phone section. nothing further happened. :-(   no restart no nothing 

  13. Dr. Bones says:

    Didn’t even realize I was updated this morning until my buddy emailed me. My “Power Control” widget (i.e. WiFi, BT, GPS, Sync, Brightness buttons) are a bit different and my Gmail icon in the status bar at the top of the phone is now a smaller gray icon. That’s about all I noticed. But I’m version 2.3.4 my build # is 4.06.605.3 like most people have commented, not the 4.08.605.02… maybe the “8” was a typo?

  14. Erik says:

    My non-rooted incredible notified me of an available system update (2.3.4) this morning.  I told it to install and restart.  When my phone restarted I was still at 2.2 (awesome).

  15. Magnusruben says:

    This morning my phone said it was ready to update.

    A few seconds after starting the update the phone stopped updating and said it was up to date.
    I still  have android 2.2 and my phone no longer gives me the option to update it!!

    please help me.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I saw it but since i was using it to get ready and know what time it was i decided to update in class. All it did was saw it will restart, and nothing happened. Its still 2.2 🙁 and there is no advice anywhere about this issue.

    2. Lbincred says:

      This just happened to me as well! A bit disappointing as i was actually starting to get mildly excited about the update as some users seem to actually be seeing improvement. ARGH. Still reads 2.2, no update option. Come on now. 

  16. Shakymon says:

    My download was also 87.8MB. The phone did not reboot after the install completed much too quickly.  It said it was up to date even though it is still running 2.2. After 30 minutes, I rebooted the phone manually. Still running 2.2.

  17. Zionlion says:

    I’ve read elsewhere that there are actually two updates going on…the small one is the patch. 4.08. But, it’s my guess that you can’t get this until your phone is first upgraded to 4.06 (the 87mb one). Saw this on phonedog, and makes sense to me from a general software perspective.

    I know there is a way to text the carrier to manually check for updates, but not sure how to do it. One of those # [number] functions.

    1. Zionlion says:

      By the way, I upgraded to 4.06 last night. While it zapped my SD card apps, it wasn’t that hard to redownload them. I know this sucks, but I wasn’t too burnt up about it. Phone itself is much faster now with graphics and screen transitions. Also downloaded Zeam launcher and the gingerbread keyboard to help get rid of Sense.

  18. metalbender says:

    Upgrades this morning 11/15 as well. All apps seem to have survived fine. Little differences such as an insert pointer on emails. Would love to see a longer list of changes than what the poster Verizon screen shows.

    1. ami says:

      i’ve deleted all updates on Gmail, Google Maps, Mail, Facebook, Market, etc. It seems work fine now. Now, even after reinstalling the updates, the notification is not shown.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Did the 87.8MB update and got the 4.06 build instead of the 4.08.  Got the pesky Low Storage icon show up and even if I deleted a couple of big apps stayed on.. 

      Found out that permanently deleting the emails in my Trash folders cleared up a whole lot of space and the notification icon went away.  Apparently if you delete an email in the Mail app, it just goes to the Trash folder and stays there indefinitely. 

      My cleaning up the Trash folders gave me back about 10MB and had not Low Storage icon ever since.

  19. ami says:

    i updated mine last night. After fixing the apps on sd issue, i tried to set alarms before going back to bed. But, the alarms seem to be not added or edited. And i found all my ringtones are gone. Not the downloaded one but the ones originally were in my HTC incredible. I got soooo frustrated, so i downloaded some ringtones. Downloading alarm ringtones fixed alarm issue, but still the ringtones are all gone. That was really absurd. A cell phone without any ringtones. I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem or is it just me.. Thanks.

  20. Susan says:

    We both got noticed that an update was available. Nothing happened on our phones – and Verizon knows nothing about it. They blame it all on HTC – but Verizon sends to updates….

  21. Mark says:

    This morning my phone said the 87 mb update was downloaded. I wanted to wait to install as I had heard many horror stories from the Sept update. After backing up my phone with My Backup Pro, I removed the SD card as I’ve heard of losing data on the card as the phone updates. I plugged the charger in and went to the update screen and tapped “restart and install”. Nothing happened. No restart and still running 2.2 on unrooted phone. Says my system is up to date. My question is if the phone said the update was downloaded, where is it on my phone and can I run it manually?

    1. Mark says:

      Also as a side note the support address on the Verizon site from the screen shot above no longer comes up. It did this am but no longer. Did Verizon pull the update again?

  22. Lou says:

    Nov. 15, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA – Today I received Android vs. 2.3.4.  It is build # 4.06.605.3
    It arrived on my HTC Incredible, on the Verizon network, while I was sleeping. It works fine. The phone is still worthy of its name!

  23. Butch Yon says:

    Just got to my phone for the first time today about 30 minutes ago.  When I swiped the unlock, the notification was there.  Hard to tell how long it had been there, possibly all day.  When I clicked update, absolutely nothing happened.  Didn’t download a thing.  Still running 2.2 and shows “Up to date”.  Makes me think after more problems earlier today, they have once again pulled the update. 🙁

  24. I got the update to 2.3.4, 4.06.605.3.  Had to unmount and remount my sdcard, getting constant low space error with 568mb available in phone memory and 4.33 GB available space. SD card now sometimes disappears on restart as well. Overall, terrible update.

  25. Guest says:

    I was updated today to 2.3.4 build 4.06.605.3 on an HTC incredible. The only thing that appears broken is the weather update on the clock. I need turn on the gps location for it to work, I guess they want to spy on where I am. It took a while to download. Also the fonts at the top look a bit different and it’s not telling me I’m in 3G mode anymore. It will blink but not stay lit. It used to be 3G most of the time.

    1. AudreyMelissa says:

      i thought this as well! Just remove the clock and add it again as a widget… then select the same clock.. it will ask what city.. select the city and you don’t have to have the gps on.

  26. Unhappy Camper says:

    Android 2.3.4 pushed this morning on my HTC Incredible.  So far i’ve discovered 15 APPS that were automagically removed.  I’m in the process of redownloading/installing.  Not a happy camper.

  27. Confused says:

    Got the notice this morning on my HTC Incredible (original) for the 2.3.4 update, 87M download (which I’m guessing would be the 4.06.605.3 build, not the 4.08 build).  When I went to do the update over lunch, it took 3 seconds and did nothing.  A message came back and said my system was up to date.  I checked the version and I’m still on 2.2.

      1. Ryan says:

        Guessing they yanked the update on us? I tried a manual upgrade by downloading/renaming update.zip/etc – still no luck. Guess i’ll wait for that lovely system update notification to show up . . . OR I’ll just wait until I get my Galaxy Nexus and jump from 2.2 -> Ice Cream 😉

  28. Tim Morton says:

    i had the pushed update on my phone when i woke up this morning, i ran it and it seems pretty ok. One thing i noticed is that i can no longer use voice to text while driving. I get a “please speak louder” error message. Works fine when i’m parked or in my office. Not sure if its the motion or the noise of the vehicle  that is causing the error.

  29. Seshadri Skv says:

    Got the update notification today morning. Went ahead and installed it. Installation went smooth. Took nearly 10 minutes. The android version that I have after installation is 2.3.4. The 4.08XXX number is either a Verizon number or HTC Sense version number. I can see new icons on some of my default android widgets so I know an update did come through. Performance wise I am yet notice a difference.

  30. Will Koone says:

    I got mine this morning.  Non-Rooted 2.3 to start, now system info shows 2.3.4.
    My alarm did work but the update was just waiting when it went off so that’s not surprising.
    Few things I’ve noticed:
    The stock HTC clock now “flips” to the correct time instead of just jumping to it but it always “flips” from some previous time to the correct time.  Even if I just lock and unlock my phone and the time hasn’t changed.
    Apps have a more noticeable fade out when exiting.
    The stock SMS app seems to be faster and more responsive, although it still has the weird bug it always did.  If I’m typing in a conversation and receive a txt the display will sometimes scroll all the way to the top of the conversation so I can no longer see what I’m typing.  Annoying as hell if I’ve got a long txt log (I never delete sms messages so I do have a long log)
    Bluetooth seems to be fine (never really had an issue with it before) but the Jawbone app sometimes can’t see my headset, even though all the functions seem to work, sounds, media and calls.

    1. ml says:

      “If I’m typing in a conversation and receive a txt the display will sometimes scroll all the way to the top of the conversation so I can no longer see what I’m typing.  Annoying as hell if I’ve got a long txt log (I never delete sms messages so I do have a long log)”  

      that would happen to me before the update and drove me absolulely INSANE.  found the easiest way to get back to the text box is to simply click on options and click either “add subject” or “search” and then it will take you right back :) 

  31. Pacfre says:

    No problems here, I received the update this morning and my battery life was better today. I also had no problems with all my apps being installed and phone is working great.I have the first gingerbread update and not the second patch. One thing i did do this morning before getting the update was I did a *228 roaming update and within 15 minutes my phone got he update.

  32. Leenie says:

    I had the prompt to update when I woke up this morning…at first it froze my phone, but seemed fine once I restarted it.  Everything was working fine until I got home from work this evening…I used to have 1-2 bars of service at my house, and I now have none…I have not been able to send a single text message all night, and I keep getting the message of a “General SMS Error.”  I also cannot connect to the internet, whereas I never used to have a problem with this.  Is anyone else having this issue??  I am going to call Verizon shortly to try and reverse the update.

    1. Heatherlove1290 says:

      I am actually getting better reception since the update, I work in the mall and I dont ever get service in my store and now I am pulling in 2 bars

    2. Lawdog says:

      I have the same issue.  After the update, phone and 3G do not work.  Although wi-fi still works.  Was on phone with Verizon for awhile, then went to Retail Store, then called HTC.  No help.  They found somehow my actual phone number ID was changed with inability to manually change it back.

  33. CStroliaDavis says:

    Okay, I received this update and I’m a bit upset. I have applications that turn on my GPS automatically every so often to check my location for me automatically and handle various tasks in relation to my location, but now I am required to okay this every time. I don’t want to leave GPS on all day as that sucks my battery life, but I don’t want to have to approve it every 15 minutes or so either. Is there a way to tell the OS that I’m okay with certain programs turning GPS on?

  34. Aglassberg733 says:

    The upgrade is just awful.  The biggest issue is that when “turning off” the phone, the options for muting or vibrate have disappeared.  My phone had been set on vibrate and I had no way of getting a ring back!

    After an interminable wait and being switched to higher level service at Verizon, I was told this was intentional.  Now, the only way to set the phone for mute or vibrate is first go into settings, then phone settings, and then make the mute or vibrate choice.  This is just crazy.  I’m sure I’m one of many, many people who wants to switch the ringer on and off several times a day as I go into and out of meetings.  It had been a simple switch, but no longer.

    And this was done with no notification, and even the Verizon people didn’t seem to know about it except that “we’ve been getting a lot of emails.”  They blame Google and claim there’s nothing they can do.

    They also told me that the upgrade I got last night isn’t the most current, even  though the phone says it IS the most current.  They predicted I’d get another one in a few days, but they didn’t know when.

    I’m telling my wife to not accept the upgrade, if she hasn’t already done so.  Verizon says it can’t be reversed!

    1. Heatherlove1290 says:

      If you go to add widget, click the down arrow for settings and pick the profile widget. That will let you switch between silent, vibrate and ring

    2. Rbryants says:

      You can add the Sound Settings shortcut to your homescreen and with just one click, toggle between “Normal”, “Silent”, and “Vibrate”. Go Longpress on Home Screen – Add Shortcut – Settings – Sound Settings

    3. 2.3_Finally says:

      Not really sure what you are talking about, the rocker panel on the side of the phone gives the option to set your phone to vibrate or silent, and you just have to turn the volume up to get out of silent mode. That has always worked for me, and still works now with the update. 

  35. Ryanjkidder says:

    I received the update last night, I am quite happy with it. It seems to run smoother and has a nice look to it. also I have no more SMS error messages.

    Thanks HTC!

  36. Heatherlove1290 says:

    Got the update late last night, I can see some visual differences and it added a few apps like 3g mobile hotspot, vz apps store,and app sharing. my phone info says android version 2.3.4 and kernel version 2.6.35, software 4.06.605.3
    I like it so far

  37. Nugbay says:

    Yo. Recieved update today. Phone seems snappier. Went over new specs and, well yes. All those seem to have been resolved on my stock, unrooted incredible. Had 2.2 when I bought it. No one else had it at the time. Last to get gingerbread. Definitely snappier.
    S.B. Detroit MI

  38. Dianne says:

    I did the update last night (11/14) when I went to bed. I let it reboot overnight, so I don’t know if there were any issues with that. This morning I noticed my alarm app was gone so I installed a new one – thankfully I didn’t need it to get up this morning! I also noticed my calculator has a different look with some of the keys changing places. The look of the Gmail notification is different. The most annoying thing is that when I go to turn on my screen it will flash on and then off again very quickly. I have to push the button several times before it will come on and stay on.  I have version 2.3.4 now. 

  39. 2.3_finally says:

    Was reluctant to install the update at first given the previous issues with the first roll out, not to mention with my phone updated from eclair to froyo, I had numerous issues with my music player, mobile network, reception and battery life initially, all those problems seemed to have disappeared recently, but I was fearful that the new update may bring new bugs. So after reading through other peoples experience with the new update I went ahead and installed the update. So far, so good. Everything works. Don’t feel like you are missing out on too much though if you prefer to just stick with 2.2. I do wish the phone could be updated to Sense 3.0 though.

  40. Billypunk13 says:

    Mine downloaded, but when I tried to do the update, the phone restarted without updating. Now it still shows my phone is up to date, but it still displays 2.2 as the software version. HELP!!?

  41. Annie says:

    The update seems okay so far, however I noticed that when I was in 2 phone calls earlier, I had my phone on speaker and the speaker would randomly turn off. It happened on both calls, and my cheek didn’t hit the button, the phone just spazzed out on me. It’s never done that before…has this happened to anyone else?

  42. Got the update last night and it seemed to go okay except for uninstalling my Amazon app?  No big deal, though.. until it wouldn’t stop telling me that my phone storage is getting low.  I’ve been deleting things left and right to get rid of it.  I got rid of it for about a minute and a second update popped up.  I accepted, it restarted, and then the low storage message came up again so it didn’t finish installing.  Now it’s telling me there’s no update and that my phone is up to date. 

    1. Sc00ter says:

      Just re download the app and it should come back with all levels present that were completed.  That’s what happened to me too but once I downloaded it again everything was back.  Cheers!

  43. Gracemonger Digfilier says:

    getting low memory warning with plenty of space.  No more double tap on an empty part of the screen to get the 7 panel view – but pinching the screen brings it up – annoying and harder to do.  My download said 87Mb not 8.7.  Everything else seems ok.

    1. OvErMiNd says:

      If you have a low memory error and you don’t have much on the hard drive then likely the disk space is corrupt and some sectors are unusable.  The only way to fix it is to reformat =/

    2. OvErMiNd says:

      Right when I submitted my last comment my phone update and gave me the same error so I know what you mean now.  I’m unsure why it thinks there is not enough space???

      I too have plenty of space and the 8.6mb is already downloaded it only needs installing…. BOGUS!!!!

  44. Jeddy S says:

    installed the update this am, totally screwed my phone.  constant error messages, low memory warnings even after removing nearly all installed programs, and phone screen is now blank.  who needs the phone feature anyhow? ;-)  I would not install it unless you have alotta time on your hands to potentially perform hard reset and setup your phone again.  brain damage to say the least; 3rd time with this phone…switching to iphone manana. 

  45. Got update last night, realized some of my apps were inactive, looked it up and saw that it was a problem with the upgrade and that I would have to do something with it plugged in. No biggie deal with it later. Was disturbed by the change of some of the icons, whatev. Do not like that I can’t use the top (off) button to put it in silent and/or vibrate, churn… Then saw I couldn’t turn off the Mobile Connection. That’s a biggie, since, I rely on that quick shortcut when I’m away from a charger for a long period of time and I don’t want the service to be constantly looking for a connection. I do it all the time, extends the battery. Super annoying that I have to go all the way through the Settings menu to get access to that… What. the. heck?!

    NOW, I got a notification that I had another update. Looked it up, learned that this update would fix the bugs with the apps not loading (from SD card) cool. Go ahead and update. For some reason my phone seems to not be charging, so, it said the battery was too low to proceed, I plugged it in. Okay. Fixed. Hit start…. Waiting… Waiting… Not enough internal memory!?! What? huh/!!? Churn!
    Now I can’t even access an upgrade button after I had cleared some data and temporary files (who really needs a restart button?!! Like really?! It’s not like it skips over all that Verizon/Droid start up, so, what does the reset button do, besides automatically starting the phone back up again?! Which if I had honestly forgotten I just turned off my phone, hitting the button to turn the screen back on would have done the job for me.

    Currently, spazzing about the battery not charging (hoping the charging port isn’t messed. already had similar laptop issues, and I don’t think I could handle that right now).

    Please, someone tell me everything will be okay once I get the newest update. :/

  46. Waymor04 says:

    A few minor glitches, but if you know your phone you can easily resolve issues. All is well except for the fact that you are forced to enable google location service to use the basic built-in weather service. That sucks……

  47. Emm Renfro says:

    I got the 2.3.4 upgrade this morning and downloaded it and had no problems other than it “lost” some of my apps (which I read was common problem) No biggie, I only lost 3 or 4 games that I don’t play that often, so I never got around erasing/redownloading the missing apps.

    about 12 hours later I received the 4.08 update (actually a patch). It took less time to download than the first and it “found” those apps again 😀 So far, that is the only difference… I’m content thus far. It’s not a life changer, hopefully will help my battery life but that will have to be seen.

  48. Waymor04 says:

    The initial 89MB upgrade wiped out 20 of my favorite apps. While reloading my apps, I found it necessary to restart several times to clear up temp file space. Once done reloading, I moved as many apps as possible to SD card, shut down (not restart) and no memory problems thus far…..

  49. Luv2cbirds says:

    I’m in Washington State and received the update for my Droid Incredible about 12:45am last night for Android 2.3.4 with the build of “4.06.605”. And now, exactly 24hrs later, I happened to look at my phone and there is another update sitting there and this one is the “4.08.065”. I’ve had my Droid close to a year now, running Android 2.3.

  50. jtswife says:

    Yesterday morning, I received update 4.06.605.3 with not too many problems. 4 apps had to be downloaded again and sometimes my widget would disappear & then would return. Now I get up this morning and there is a new update, but its 4.08.605.2. Afraid to update reading other issues

    1. Audrey says:

      4.06.605.02 is worse so there’s no losing… 4.06 apparently is the failed update from awhile bak… the reason the update was put on hold. 4.08 clears it up. runs smoother no doubt. 

      1. Jtswife says:

        Well when I attemped to update it said I needed to clear memory and suggested I remove some apps. After removing the apps, I attempted to update and now it says I am up to date even though I never downloaded the 4.08.605.2. I mean, why even push out the failed update? Why not directly to 4.08.605.2? Seems odd.

  51. RB says:

    My story’s the same as a few others downthread.  I was updated to 4.06.605.3 yesterday.  I’ve been experiencing the “low on space” bug for a long time and the update seemed to make it worse–usually clearing the cache or data out of a few apps will keep the bug at bay for a few days, but since the update, no matter what I do, the alert comes back within minutes.

    I woke up to another update notice this morning and agreed to install it.  The low on space notification was not showing at the time.  The phone rebooted as part of the installation process, and when it came back, the low on space notification popped up and the phone cancelled the installation.  The software version is still 4.06.605.3, and checking for updates tells me there are none found.  I’m hoping the update tries to install itself again tomorrow night, because I don’t know any other way to get it back and I’m worried about being stuck with this buggy built.

    1. Dave says:

      Exact same issue here.
      When I check my memory I have 5 of 7.4GB available on the SD card and 537 of 748MB available on the phone memory.  How is THAT a memory issue.  They really need to figure this out, and soon.

  52. CM says:

    It seems as if I had the same issues as everyone else.  I did the system update yesterday morning and everything went downhill from there.  I ended up performing a factory reset and starting from scratch after my phone began shutting me out of things due to “lack of free space”.  I have plenty of free space and deleted all my apps and was still getting the message.  As of this morning it is still telling me to update and I just keep ignoring it.  I will not go through that mess again.  

  53. BCC says:

    I received a second update notice today (after it updated yesterday to 4.06.605.3).  I didn’t copy down the update version but it began with 4.08 this time.  I accepted the update and like the RB who posted just a few minutes ago, it started the process and then aborted the update and popped up a message that said that I didn’t have enough storage space to allow the upgrade.  It suggested removing email etc to make sufficient room.  However when I go to “About Phone”, “System Updates” it tells me I already have the latest version available.  Sounds like they didn’t work the bugs out very well after all this time.  Its a bit frustrating to say the least.

    1. Ditto with today’s auxillary update. I had upgraded to 2.3.4 months ago. Been dealing with the dreaded low space msg for a long while. Thought this update would fix that. Guess not. My software version is 4.06.605.3. Not sure how to get the aux update back since system now says I’m up to date. Waiting fondly for my Dec upgrade to new phone and putting this behind me.

  54. Mskari77 says:

    I received and performed the update last night. I am now running Version 2.3.4 on Build Number 4.06.605.3  I am not receiving the low storage message anymore, but now I have no notification sounds, on email, messages, even my alarm clock has no sound, and is having issues. I haven’t noticed any lost apps, other than ones I deleted myself. It did reset my theme back to a default HTC theme, which was annoying, but fixable. Hopefully, I am offered the second update to fix this. 

  55. Laurie says:

    If these issues don’t get fixed, I’m going to trade it in and never get an HTC phone again.  I can’t even download the second update because it tihnks I don’t have enough memory despite none of my phone storage locations are even 1/4 full.  This sucks.

  56. Payne Clint says:

    Okay if everyone and I have the 4.06 update when and how  are we going to get the 4.08? Some people have it? I had mine come to me last night but when I clicked the restart and update button. My phone restarted but clearly didnt install the update

  57. Trucker137 says:

    I have attempted to install the new update twice… yesterday morning and this morning… I thought it was complete yesterday, and then it was back today.  Today I watched the process and it said I need more memory.  My memory is not full.

  58. Updated this morning, got the not enough space error message, deleted apps, checked for updates, says I am up to date. Have 2.3.4, build 4.06.605.3 CL140944 release-keys. Sounds like I am going to wait 12-24 hours for the 4.08 build to come at me? I’ve had no errors in the last hours since I’ve “updated”. The only odd thing I’ve noticed is a “Hello, FOTA 1.00” 9kb is available for me to uninstall, no idea what that is, I’ve never seen it before.

  59. Txateer says:

    I have an unrooted Dinc running 2.2, I got the notification of a system update yesterday 11/15. I went to do the update this morning and it is gone……again.

  60. luther45 says:

    my gmail doesn’t sync anymore, and i also have the memory is too full warning or error that doesn’t go away, even though i have plenty of memory left on my phone.

    1. Andrew Cook says:

      Yeah my wife has the same issue. Gonna do a factory reset on it tonight and see if that resolves it. My phone got the first update fine and then failed on the second one though I had plenty of space.

  61. Hoosch says:

    So…everyone seems to be having the same issues, but has anyone contacted Verizon or HTC for an update/explanation of the issue?  Is there any official advice as to how to fix this or any lead-time on when it will be fixed?

    1. Waymor04 says:

      I was talking with a Verizon tech & even after the update his phone
      still read 2.15 up to date & there may be other updates. However,
      those who’s phone reads version 2.3.4, build # 4.08.605.2 are ahead of
      the curve according to him…..It may be that the upgrade is phone
      specific? Go figure huh……

  62. DC says:

    Got it yesterday (2.3.4). Clicked to update. Then got a screen message that my software was up to date. Checked version and it is still 2.2. Tried to check for updates and all I get is the same screen saying my software is up to date.

    1. no spame says:

      same here.  I’ve tried doing the check-in process, *228, even doing a factory reset of my phone, but it still shows me with 2.2 as up-to-date.

      1. Waymor04 says:

        I was talking with a Verizon tech & even after the update his phone still read 2.15 up to date & there may be other updates. However, those who’s phone reads version 2.3.4, build # 4.08.605.2 are ahead of the curve according to him…..It may be that the upgrade is phone specific? Go figure huh……

  63. Mrccarp says:

    I got an update on 11/15 and everything went well; had to sign in to a number of apps again and re download a few books.  The phone says I am now running build 4.06.605.3.  This morning (16th) I received another update notice so I hit OK but the update failed saying I did not have enough memory; so I deleted some apps and went to check for the update but now the phone indicates that there is no update.  So now what, I don’t know?  Where is the 4.08 build?

    1. ColumbusOH says:

      Same issue with me. Verizon says if you cleared up memory issue, you will get another push notification tomorrow morning. That’s what I am going to do.

      1. Laserdweeb44 says:

        How do we know if we “cleared the memory issue?” How much memory do we need to clear? The prompt gave no notification of how much free space it needs.

    1. Waymor04 says:

      If you stop background data, auto sync, notifications (e-mail etc.) and seldom used system apps you will save a hell of a lot battery. I figure if I need to be notified of anything immediately, text me……

  64. Lakersk177 says:

    Like some other people here, got an update yesterday and everything was good. then again this morning got another update. didnt check to see what build was yesterday after update, but after todays update which went just as smoothly as first now says 4.08.605.2

  65. Peaseandcarrots says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how many people are going nuts over this update. I’ve had the Incredible since the day it came out and the phone has been absolutely “incredible” since day one. I have not had a single problem with this phone except for the occasional “low on space” notification. Seems to me we’ve lost our patience out there. This phone is almost two years old and its still competeing with most of the new phones coming out today. Not too bad I would say.
    Hopefully I can clear up some of the confusion out there with this update. There are two updates mine occured on different days.
    Yesterday moring I received the notification for the new update. I quickly installed it. I noticed that the update was indeed version 4.06.605.3. It does take awhile to install and the phone will restart several times. It does seem to hang (pause) after the “driod” splash screen for several minutes (including after the update has been installed). Right away I noticed a few changes to the UI as well a nice fade effect when switching between apps. My battery does seem to last a lot longer as well and the battery usage screen is way more detailed than before. Also it took about 30 seconds for my contacts to load up (mini heart attack) but I use the backup app anyway so no big deal. The one problem I did notice is the dreaded “low on space” bug. If you don’t know this seems to be an issue with “application data” most of the time you can just clear the data on a few of the bigger apps and you should be good to go. However I tried this last night and most of the apps were already clear. What I did next was move some of the bigger apps to my SD card (netflix: 27mb; Shazam: 17mb) this cleared up the issue and it has not returned since.
    This morning 11/16 I received the second update. Version 4.08.605.2. So far I have not noticed any apps disapearing. Except I did lose the Shazam widget which frankly was not very good anyway. Personally I don’t keep alot of apps on my phone anyway unless I pay for them. Most apps download in less than a minute or two so if I need one I’ll just download it at that time (google skymap is a great example). As for paid apps that are lost I’m not sure how that would work but all of mine are still there.
    It seems to me that if you just hold tight after the first update that most of the issues that other people are describing will be worked out with the second update.
    The Incredible truly is an “incredible” phone. And its still getting better!

    1. John says:

      I too have had a generally favorable experience with the Incredible, but it is not unreasonable to expect a certain level of service given the competition that exists in this market and the cost of owning a smartphone. HTC / Verizon’s lack of understanding and/or viable solution to the “low on space” bug is absolutely unacceptable. The “fixes” that they provide are patchwork at best, and not permanent solutions. But the relevant point here is that it should never get this far to begin with. This bug is a very real issue and seems to be increasingly prevalent among Incredible users. When a bug completely prevents a software update from loading on a phone, as this one does, HTC and Verizon need to be held accountable.

      1. Waymor04 says:

        Low space is all about managing your phone. Move apps to SD card and go to ‘settings’-‘manage applications’ & shut un-necessary stuff down or get an auto task killer……You can also clear cache space in seldom used apps for more space also….

        1. Adam says:

          The problem is that the space is NOT low, so no, it’s about “managing your phone”. It’s a super annoying bug that prevents customers from using their phones & something needs to be done about it.

        2. Polocrossgirl1 says:

          I’d have to disagree. Are you saying that people who get this can’t manage their phones? I get this all the time and I currently have the low on space. I clear app data all the time and even stopped using Facebook to help it. I only have 4 apps on my phone that I’ve downloaded the rest are all factory installed and I can’t get rid of them. I updated my phone once but now I always get random update requests and I click to install/reboot. It counts down and then nothing happens. I also have an auto task killer that I use. If that’s not managing my phone then I’m not sure what is but I’m getting pretty sick of always having the low on space issue, especially when in the manage apps it says 174 mb used, 578 mb free.

    2. Waymor04 says:

      I totally agree. The upgrade was massive and disruptive, but like I’ve said before, if you know your DROID, you could work it out. The 2nd smaller update cleared a few other issues. I’m cool with the upgrade to ‘gingerbread’. It’s about time…..lol

  66. sam says:

    Got the low memory issue after the update.  It turns out the update enabled sync’ing of the contacts from facebook.  The low memory notification went away after  disabling facebook contact sync, deleted contact storage, and restored the backup copy of contacts.

  67. Waymor04 says:

    I see a lot of comments about low memory. Folks, DROID runs a lot un-necessary apps. Shut them down, clear caches, move what yo can to SD card, kill un-necessary tasks, cut off notifications, auto sync & background data. Not only do you save space but battery also. Your DROID is like your PC, the more you use it the more crap you build up in it. You have to clean it sometimes. Think about it, but this is just one man’s opinion…….

    1. Fatches says:

      Everyone is making comments about low memory because it didn’t exist before the system update.  I’m pretty sure most people with a DROID know about killing tasks and moving apps to the SD card.  I have never seen the low memory icon until yesturday and my battery wasn’t running down in 4 hours, while using no apps.  Thanks for your opinion but it’s of no use to anyone in the current situation……

      1. Italianboy2464 says:

        i’ve gotten the low space message plenty of times before this update bs, which i have not even recieved yet, and it would not let me send texts, go on the internet and many other things untill i force close the few apps that were running in the background and clear all the data from them also. i had to go as far as not syncing my facebook contacts through the facebook account. No more space problem but i would have liked to keep the pictures of people on my contacts… 

        Still on 2.2… Got update the 15th, waited for it to restart, but then no installation of update… when will we all get it and be happy? haha

  68. Xtasteofink420 says:

    People keep talking about the low space issue, I had a problem with that like 1 year ago and about 3 months ago. Tried everything with it both times, but it didn’t work. Eventually I couldn’t even recieve messages and get on Facebook, so I took it to Verizon and there was nothing they could do about it and they sent me replacement phones for both of the occasions it happened. In my case the low storage space was un-fixable. Anyways what’s the “EN” and “ES” do on the keypad?

  69. guest says:

    Just got 2.3.4 the other night.  Looks okay, just now my navigation doesn’t work at all.  It just states “searching for GPS” and doesn’t go any further… ugh.

  70. Zyzyxx says:

    Now running 2.3.4 with software number 4.08.605.2.  Ever since this was done the battery life now completely drains over about 3 hours.  Have push email set up (I did before the OTA update) and a few other apps which I use throughout the day.  Also after the update several of the installed applications disappeared.  If you haven’t done this update yet, I suggest waiting as I’ve had several problems since doing it.

    1. SquirePlumpy says:

      You sure its not repeatedly trying to connect to a wireless network?  I got to school earlier this week and my battery was draining in a few hours…i looked closely and the wireless network i previously had no trouble connecting to automatically was not connecting and my battery was draining trying to connect.  I reset some credential storage password, it connected properly and my battery lasted all day.  On the flip side, I returned to school this morning and the same issue had returned…google is dropping the ball.

  71. Ckao902 says:

    This thread is quite long, so sorry if someone mentioned this already:Before this most recent update, I could plug my phone into my Mac and mount it as a disk drive no problem. After the update, I plug in my phone and all it does is charge. I’ve already made sure to go into Settings and check “Ask me about USB connection type…”, and I’ve turned on debugging mode.Is anyone else having this problem?? Any solutions?? I’ve heard that it may be the type of USB cable I’m using, but I never had problems with the cable before this update.

  72. Wordek says:

    Both updates discussed installed for me in the past few days.  I wasn’t using it beyond calls which got me in trouble today…went to drive somewhere and I can’t get gps to function.  I turn it on from the scene shortcut and when I launch the car panel a google error occurs and I have to force close.  Then tonight it wouldn’t connect to the mobile network – no gmail refresh, no FB posting, no google, nothing.  My apartment has bad 3G reception but usually gets at least spotty connection…right now there isn’t even a 3G icon showing on my home screen even though it’s enabled via Settings.   Off to the verizon store to un*$&@ this tomorrow…

  73. Ed says:

    Tried to get an update but got notification low on memory (internal storage 6gb free, phone 390mb) and moved few apps to sd, but never offered update again. May be for the best, almost every time Google updates something makes things worse( crashes, battery problem). I know if I can fiddle with apps/phone settings etc. it’s possible to make things work. But at this point I think I’ll go with iPhone, may be in 5-10 years google will make android reliable and learn how to make a good ui, but currently it’s like windows 3.0 of it’s days, somewhat works and needs a lot of attention to keep it working.

  74. sharpv says:

    I installed the android 2.3.4 update for my Droid Incredible and now my texting and typing capabilities are compromised. If I try typing a text to a friend or write anything on my phone, then it exaggerates every button that I push. For example, if I press the space bar once it adds fifteen or more spaces; if I press the delete button once, it deletes the whole message; if I press the letter “a”, it holds it down and selects the other option for the “a” button much like pressing “shift a” on your computer to use a different letter/number/key. I already called Verizon and they said I cannot revert back to the previous software and I pretty much have to buy a new phone. The fact that android 2.3.4 software update had so many problems yet they still released it frustrates me and makes me believe they don’t care about us as customers. I am getting an iPhone now. Cheers.

    1. Guest says:

      Take it to verzion instead of trying to do it yourself, they will do it for you. Just make sure you back up anything you dont want to lose on your SD card

      1. sharpv says:

        I performed three hard factory resets and I still have the same issue. Verizon said I need to get a new phone even though this is their fault. Way to make up for your mistakes, Verizon.

  75. MegC says:

    I uploaded the new software as soon as I got the notification about it.  Along with most of the other people who have posted here, I also got the memory pop up.  Every time I opened a new website on the internet, it showed up.  And the memory notification icon would not go away.  I knew that there was something I could do to fix that, I just didn’t know how to do it.  A few days later, every single one of my apps (Shazam, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook) force closed on me whenever I opened them.  Then, I stopped receiving text messages.  At this point, I went to the Verizon store and they sent me a new Droid Incredible.  When I went back to the store for them to transfer my photos and contacts, I apparently had too many photos (250).  So, I lost all of my photos and went back to the old software.  But, as soon as I turned on my new phone I got the pop up for the new software (4.08.605.2).  I’m holding off on it this time until I know that most, if not all, of the little problems are fixed with the new software.  Any ideas when that may be?  Or have most of the problems already been fixed since November 15th?

  76. Guest says:

    I got the update yesterday build 4.08, I got the error message to so i took it into Verzion. They did a reset and then did the download. No problems since, i have actually noticed an increase in battery life. Fully charged at 6:30 this morning, moderate to heavy use through the day (facebook, texting, and video taped a few golf swings) and at 1:52 i currently have 82% battery left. I would say that’s pretty good!!

  77. Deans says:

    HTC pushed the 4.08 update to me again today.  It said that my phone would reboot, and even counted down for the reboot, but nothing happened.  It just popped me back to the main screen and I’m still on 2.2.  This is ridiculous.

  78. Richard O'Brien says:

    The problem is that HTC and Verizon are slackers and didn’t test the software / phone combo correctly (you were wondering why it took so long to get 2.3 huh?) After about 4 hours of frustration, a factory reset and a trip to the liquor store, I found out how to do it. You need to enter the boot loader and clear the cache from the phone (Google these instructions . Write down and delete all your apps. (You prob got a message saying you do not have enough space on ur phone) You can get em back after the update. Go in and change the date on ur phone to 1 month ahead i.e. December 2011, after disabling the the network time. Wait about 1-10 minutes. You will see a msg pop up asking you if you want to update. How stupid is that? But it works. No wonder so many people bought iPhones.

  79. Rounder13 says:

    After this horrible software upgrade (downgrade) my Incredible will reboot whenever it feels the need, everything runs much slower, it loses the location of media at the drop of a hat (phone memory and sd card), resets my ring tones randomly, and locks up momentarily every once in a while.

    This is awful, I’ve been talking this phone up to all my friends for a year now and now I’m don’t know if I can recommend HTC to anyone again with as bad a job they did with this update.

  80. Turtle says:

    I didn’t get a notice.  Found it by accident today (12/14) when I got bored and thought to check.  Update was available, about 28 meg.  Installed no problem..now shows
    Android Version 2.3.4
    Software Number 5.10.605.9

  81. Scoots1975 says:

    I have updated to 2.3 and I haven’t had too many different problems as of yet and I’ve had it installed for a couple of weeks now. The biggest issue that I have been having which is really annoying and seemed to have only came up after the 4.08.605.2 update. My pictures that I have taken with my camera keep disappearing out of my gallery. They also won’t come up right after I take a picture and hit the review button. It keeps coming up with the message that there are no images found. So I have to keep going in and clearing my media storage cache and then unmounting my sd card then remounting it then restarting my phone. After that the pictures are back where they should be. It has happened several times now and is getting annoying. If there is anyone out there that this has been happening to as well and figured out a way to stop it from happening, then PLEASE let me know…….. Thank you!

    1. Ruffryder233 says:

      i am havinv the same issue but i have to remove the battery which is a pain cause i have the trident kracken case on the phone wise they would fix this issue

  82. Toad4322 says:

    i have the droid incredible 2. i still have version 2.2 and i want to update. so i go on software update, but the check new button wont do any. i keep taping but nothing. please help. 

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