iPhone 5 and iPad Mini still on the cards

So the world now has the iPhone 4S rather than the redesigned iPhone 5, but just because Apple decided to go with the iPhone 4S this time doesn’t mean we wont be seeing that redesigned iPhone 5 at some stage, and apparently the iPhone 5 will have a slightly larger display when it eventually surfaces for real.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, by way of IDG who reports that the Korea Times is claiming Apple is working on a larger 4-inch display iPhone 5 along with a smaller Apple iPad, which would sport a 7.35-inch display and presumably be known as the Apple iPad Mini.

According to said article LG Display is due to meet with Apple in the next few days and during said meeting there will be talk of Apple’s plans to introduce a tablet with a 7.35-inch display, along with discussing displays of next generation iOS devices.

Apparently an unnamed LG Display exec told the Korea Times, that next year’s iPhone will sport a display half an inch larger than the current iPhone 4S, but Retina Display resolution will go unchanged due to LCD currently being regarded as the correct solution that offers “value with better cost cuts.”

Despite previous rumours of an Apple iPad Mini one would have thought Apple would be against delivering a smaller iOS slate as the late Steve Jobs was said to be against smaller sized tablets, but I guess as rival smaller tablets are making a dent in the tablet space, Apple wants a bite of that pie too.

So it would seem that there is still hope the iPhone 5 with a larger display will come out to play sometime next year and possibly along with that Apple iPad Mini.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 and iPad Mini still on the cards”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the  iphone 5 is a definate unless a catatrophe affects apple’s business plans (Sammy winning) which i doubt will happen.  but an iPad mini? i don’t know about you but unless it has some form of special feature, then i would prefer the normal iPad 2 (or 3 for future reference)

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