Where are you buying Nokia Lumia 800 in UK?

The Nokia Lumia 800 will go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday 16) in the UK, the official Nokia Windows Phone is getting a lot of attention and we would like to know where you will be getting your one.

This smartphone has already seen a lot of love from potential customers, as well as the press, and some are even calling it the best Windows Phone. The real popularity test will come when it is in the hands of the public, will you be a part of this test?

It will be available on contract only via network carriers such as Vodafone, Orange and 3, you can also head on over to Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U to grab the Nokia Lumia 800, you will have a choice of colours such as cyan, magenta and black.

Please let us know if you will be getting the Nokia Lumia 800, if so what colour will you choose and where will you buy it?

We would also like to know if you have pre-ordered, if so where? Hope to hear from you all in the commenting area below.


13 thoughts on “Where are you buying Nokia Lumia 800 in UK?”

  1. I pre-ordered mine from Orange the day after it was announced at Nokia World. I was always going to upgrade from Android to Windows Phone and originally I was waiting til my official upgrade was due in March 2012, however after seeing the gorgeous Lumia 800 I just couldn’t wait. The good thing is though, Orange let customers buy themselves out of their contracts early and also give them a 33% discount on the cost of that buyout. When you combine that with their Phone Recycling service, it’s not going to cost me anymore money as my current phone (HTC Desire) is valued at more than the cost to buyout my contract!! So I know where I’ll be tomorrow morning…waiting for my local Orange Store to open!!

    1. **UPDATE** Just had a call from the Orange Store to let me know my Lumia is in and ready for collection tomorrow! Doors open at 9:30 which is when I’ll be there! 🙂

      Tomorrow is now referred to as Windows Phone Wednesday!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    2 things here, first you can only get the black on the 16th you will have to wait till 1st dec for cyan and january for magenta. 2 you can get contract deals from other stores ie mobiles and buymobilephones who have both confirmed they will be shipping this week.

    I have mine preordered from buymobilephones but also have left my tmobile conract open for an upgrade just in case they can match the deal and i can just pop to the store.

    18months 300mins 300text + data £25 a month no upfront cost. 🙂

  3. I will not be getting one just yet…I think i will wait for reviews first….as there maybe bugs…and i will be getting an upgrade so need to make sure it all goes well first….I hope it goes well as i have seen the phone in phones4u and looks brill but as it was locked in a phone cage i could not get a real feel of the phone…

    good luck to you all and please update

        1. Anonymous says:

          i decided that i will be getting one of these, one reason is because windows phone… they  are getting better and better, the other reason is because everyone seems to have an android or iPhone, i want to be different. 🙂

  4. Got mine yesterday morning as soon as the doors opened and after 24 hours with the device, here’s my report/view…I bloody well love it!!!! lol

    It’s a fantastic device, it really is. I purposefully shyed away from the display unit when I went to get mine as I wanted the unboxing upon getting home to have as much impact as possible and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to wow factor. As I unboxed the Lumia, my incredibly non-techy girlfriend who has no real interest in gadgets or anything at all (she likes clothes…and Eastenders. That’s about it lol) even sat there and went ‘oooooooo’.

    The polycarbonate shell is beautiful to hold and the way the glass screen curves at the edges makes every swipe of the screen feel incredibly smooth and natural. The design is top notch Nokia and will hopefully show other WP manufacturers what a WP device should look like.

    Upon first turning on the device, the screen with it’s clear black technology really impresses too. Blacks really are black, colours are incredibly vibrant and it tricks you into thinking the screen is bigger than it actually is.

    As for software, it’s Windows Phone Mango, for people that already have a Windows Phone, or have used one…it’s the same…which is a good thing in my book. It’s very fluid with no lag at all. Transitions are smooth and beautiful, even the loading animations are attractive.

    I very quickly setup my Windows Live ID, the setup and linked all my email accounts (Exchange, pop3 and gmail) facebook, twitter and linked in accounts. Having had an Android device, all my contacts were synced to my google account and as as soon as I added my google account, my people app was populated with all my phone contacts. no messing around, no need to copy contacts over to a sim or anything else like like.

    The setup is so intuitive and simple which was nice.

    Then I got down to actually using the phone and adding in apps and what not.

    The first thing I’ll say is, I’ve had both an iPhone and an Android device and for me personally, there’s nothing that I did on either of those that I haven’t been able to do on my Lumia. I’m not an app addict like some people I know, so the smaller size of the current App offerings isn’t an issue for me. This will however change and the market place is obviously getting larger and will continue to do so and WP becomes more popular.

    I also like the way that apps are designed to fit in with the metro ui of Windows Phone and I think it helps to make them feel more integrated with the OS than they actually are.

    Obviously, as it’s a Nokia, there are a couple of extra apps and one of them was a big selling point for me: Nokia Drive

    I used Google Maps + Navigation a lot on my HTC Desire and found it to be incredible for a free service and when contemplating jumping ship to Windows Phone, the lack of free sat nav was something that was holding me back, so when Nokia announced Drive as a free app, that was my last hurdle jumped. So how is it? It’s good. It works. In the couple of times I’ve used it (just for testing) it’s got me exactly where I wanted to go. The animation isn’t as smooth as Google Maps, but it’s smooth enough to actually use, but the real benefit of it was being able to download the UK map to my phone, so if I loose data connection, I can still use it which is awesome!!!

    The other app is Nokia Music…as far as I can tell, it’s the Zune Player you already get + a Nokia version of Pandora. It’s ok, but I’m unsure of a few things with it and I’m sure it’s just me being dumb. 

    First off, Mix Radio, playing the ‘Folk Indie’ playlist and any other playlist, over wi-fi, the music sounds a little tinny when compared to my local music collection. I’m sure this is just bandwidth issues and maybe even issues due to the amount of users using the service maybe? however it does put me off using it a little. 

    Second, I was under the impression that Nokia Music would create custom playlists based on my own local music collection…well if it has or is, I can’t find out where? Am I missung something?

    Third, I was under the impression that I could download playlists from Nokia Music or Mic Radio to my phone…for free. I’m pretty sure this was implied at Nokia World, however I can’t see how at all. I can download individual tracks that I listen too for a price, but again I thought there was a free playlist download offering. Am I missing something else again? if so…someone please tell me what lol.

    I’ll not go into anything else as I’m sure I’ve bored everyone enough by now, so all I’ll say is I can highly recommend the Nokia Lumia 800 for both it’s fantastic looking hardware and it’s brilliant handling of the WP OS.

    I’m happy I switched and have no regrets and although my opinion will probably change over time, at this moment in time I would happily upgrade to another Windows Phone Device in 18 months time. I’m hopeful I’ve found my favourite Smartphone OS and I’m sure there are many more people out there that are realising the same or soon will as they see others using Windows Phone 🙂

      1. I’ll be honest and say I had been having issues with the battery life and was struggling to get through a day. However, I have recently had an update to the phone which does appear to have helped the battery life (not by loads, but enough to notice) and I’ve also started using the phone differently and changing some settings. 

        I’d been previously used to an Android Device which basically had 4 things to think about with regards to battery usage (there were others, but these were the main things): Screen Brightness, 3G, Wifi & Bluetooth. By limiting those, I could get a day out of it. With this phone I’ve had to go into the settings and fiddle around quite a bit with regards to location services and background tasks among others.

        For me, Windows Phone does a lot more behind the scenes than perhaps I had been used to and this isn’t a criticism, it’s an observation and something to think about when using your phone. There’s so much stuff that was either on by default or I had turned on, when asked, without thinking about it.

        The other thing that I think has been shortening my Lumia’s battery though is an app that by all accounts you can get a variant of on other devices, but you have to make a conscious decision to download a similar app and that is Nokia Music + MixRadio. I love streaming playlists, but thinking about it, this probably isn’t doing my daily battery usage much good lol. When you think about it, many people download and use similar services on other devices (Pandora? Last.FM? Spotify? WE7?) 

        However, a good question I think is: How many people that have a Lumia 800 and have had battery issues, have never normally used such services on their smartphones, but are using the app as it’s an advertised feature and preinstalled on the phone? I know the answer is at least 1 as I’m guilty of such a thing. I’ver used all those services on my laptop, but really never bothered with them on my old iPhone & Android Phone, but I love using the service on my Lumia.

        So to summarise…battery hasn’t been great, but with the update and some thought about the services you use and have activated, the battery is acceptable.

        Onto your second question. Music Quality. I’ve read reports of people having issues with music playback, but I’m not one of them. 

        I’m not an audio fanatic however, so I don’t buy £200+ headphones and I don’t have my entire music collection recorded digitally in FLAC format. I use a £25 pair of headphones and all my music is in mp3 192kb+ format and I’m absolutely fine with it. For my everyday, music loving pleasure, the music quality produced by my Lumia 800 is fantastic. It’s better than my old HTC Desire ever was and this makes me happy.

        So, after a weeks ownership of my first WindowsPhone, what do I think? Well I still have a slight case of Rose Tinted Glasses, but I still love my Lumia + WP and going forward, I can’t see me switching from WindowsPhone to another platform in 18 months time and if Nokia continue to produce the best WindowsPhone devices, then my next WindowsPhone will be another Nokia device, but only time will tell. 

        I still love the iPhone as I think it’s a great device and OS for most people, but I would ask them to take a look at WindowsPhone first as for me it is the better platform. 

        In the past I have recommended Android, however I now realise how badly it does many things. It’s definitely the “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” of the smartphone world. With it’s fragmented platform & shovel-ware filled marketplace, I could no longer recommend it except to real techy friends who are feeling adventurous.

        As per normal now, I shall end with my disclaimer of: These are all just my opinions and as such, please feel free to ignore them as you see fit 🙂

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