Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Car navigation mount

Only one more day to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, yesterday we reported that accessories are starting to show up for this handset, which included a ‘HDMI Portrait Dock’ and an ‘1850mAh Battery’. Well today we can exited you a little more, a new car mount is showing up.

Droid-Life received a photo, which shows off the Galaxy Nexus Car Mount, the desktop dock we mentioned yesterday was priced at $59.99, and this new ‘Car Mount’ is price at 39.99.

It is great to see new products starting to pop up for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the 1850mAh we mentioned yesterday is 100mAh more than the standard battery that comes with the smartphone, more life, more fun as they say.

We will be bringing you much more news on the Galaxy Nexus, so please stay with us, this is going to be exciting and we want you with us. Please do post all your comments about the new handset release below.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Car navigation mount”

  1. Mike says:

    Less (bulky) is more on the mounting arm!!  If you are mounting from a windshield, you will be blocking valuable line of sight on the road.  Coming from the original Motorola OEM droid dock, it will be even a little more intrusive…but you can be sure that won’t keep me from purchasing! It’s a must have!  The phone  will be a big enough “blind sot” as it is, and my dash usually doesn’t allow the suction cup to adhere very well.   Thanks for posting the image though, was interested to see what they would come up with. 

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