Should Apple be its own carrier?

Obviously the iPhone and Apple iPad is quite dominant in the mobile space, and everyone know just how much Apple loves to keep total control over their gear no matter what product and is why Apple creates their own handset, iOS and App Store, all for their control, but the one area Apple doesn’t control to some extent is the mobile carrier.

However, according to an article over on Macworld, it was the late Steve Jobs desire to create their own network for the iPhone using unlicensed spectrum using WiFi rather than depending on mobile operators.

According to John Stratton, the chairman at Venture Capitalist firm Trilogy Partnership, he spent some time during 2005 and 2007 with Steve Jobs and say Jobs wanted to replace carriers, and spoke about whether synthetically one could create a carrier using WiFi spectrum.

However in the end Steve Jobs gave up on the ideal of an Apple network for iOS devices, but still managed to have a major impact on carriers and delivered the original iPhone on a single carrier in the US for quite some time.

However eventually with the arrival of Android Apple was pushed to open up the carrier availability of the iPhone in the US rather than let AT&T have exclusivity for longer, I’m pretty sure we all know that story.

So the big question here I believe is should Apple be its own carrier and get rid of mobile carriers so they can have complete control over their devices? Do you think an Apple network would be a good idea for the future or do you believe Apple should keep out of the network business?

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