Siri the distance argument tool for couples: video

The big deal with the iPhone 4S is of course the voice assistant Siri, and we’ve seen a few adverts from Apple promoting Siri as it should be used in everyday life, so what we have for your viewing pleasure below is another take on Siri in a parody video that has a couple arguing it out via the voice assistant.

The Siri Argument video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at The Next Web and by way of the College Humour guys, and a word of warning before you head on down to hit that play button the footage does contain some profanity, which is to be expected in these humorous parody videos.

In the video the Siri conversation between husband and wife starts out with people asking the usual questions until we hit a guy sitting in his car and using Siri to let his wife know that he is going to be 30-minutes late to which the wife responds via Siri, tell my husband I’m not surprised.

Form that point on the Siri conversation takes a dive into a full on cussing argument that probably rings true to life in some situation or another, well maybe its me, but I certainly found myself smiling as I watched these two duke it out over Siri.

And all the while the iOS smartphone voice assistant trying to bring a calming presence to the argument, sweet. Anyway I don’t wish to spoil you viewing enjoyment of the Siri argument footage so I’ll leave it right there and let you go view the video…enjoy.

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