Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories: Best Case-Mate Cases

If you have purchased or thinking about purchasing the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet then perhaps you would like an accessory to go along with the Android slate in the form a case, so we have a couple of Amazon Kindle Fire cases for your consideration below that are available in a range of colours, and materials.

The Amazon Kindle Fire cases are from Case-Mate, the first of which, and the cheapest, is the Kindle Fire Tuxedo case, which is an ultra-slim case with smart magnets and “Magic Tape” that holds the case firmly in place, and is made of premium leather “inspired” material with a brushed micro-fibre interior and doubles as a multi-angle stand for the tablet.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Tuxedo case is available in smooth black or caramel and commands an asking price of just $40.00.

Next up is the Amazon Kindle Fire Venture case, that offers a built-in stand and presentation easel along with a form fit design especially for the Amazon Kindle Fire with a Velcro tab and button closure and is a leather “inspired” case with red accents.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Venture case delivers access to all ports on the tablet and is available in black with red accents only and commands a price tag of $50.00.

Lastly there is the more expensive Amazon Kindle Fire Hampton case, although I couldn’t find it on the Case-Mate website, but the case is made of premium Buffalo hide leather and is inspired by vintage luggage and is available in black or brown with a price tag of $130.

So there you have it, three new cases for your Amazon Kindle Fire, will you be picking up one of these for your Android tablet at some point in the future?

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories: Best Case-Mate Cases”

  1. KindleFireBoy says:

    The ‘Smart Magnet’ thing in the Tuxedo case is a complete lie– doesn’t work at all and there doesn’t appear to be any provision in the Kindle to avail itself of such a feature.  Maybe a copy and paste error from the iPad case?  The take-away is not to parrot manufacturing claims without verifying them. 

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