CyanogenMod 9 progress after ICS: What phone then?

The Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich source code was released this week, which has the same build that is found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone (Android 4.0.1 build). Now that this has happened work has begun on CyanogenMod 9.

Now it is time to sit back and wait patiently for CM9, Droid-Life reports that Steve (aka Cyanogen) tweeted on Twitter to let all his followers know that the Android 4.0 journey has begun, he mentions that you should come back in 2-months time; here is his tweet “. And we’re off. Check back in 2 months :)”

All that said above, the question we have to ask ourselves is “Once CM9 is released, what smartphone will it release on first?”

The source above mentions something interesting, how about an unlocked bootloader to help race to Ice Cream Sandwich. One commenter said “I’m betting I have a CM9 Nightly on my OG with ICS before I have a G-Nex in my hand, sad as it is… it is true” Another mentions that it should come to the HP TouchPad.

That is all we have for you at the moment, but we will be on top of this, so please do join us on Facebook, Twitter or my personal Google+ page (Mark Chubb)

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