Google Music new app, out of beta so download

The new Google Music is now out of beta, which means you can go to the Android Market and download it. Google has released its new Google Music app to the public, and now you can use it and share.

The new service offers customers to upload and share an up to 20,000 songs on its servers; you can now shop and then listen to music straight away. It is a cloud-powered music player and storage service, which basically means you, can store all your music collection online, which means you do not have to use your own space on your Android device.

All the music you buy via the Android Market will now appear on Google Music, you can store the music on the server for free, use the Google Music app to access you entire music library, save favourites for offline playback, and much more.

This new Google Music app is brilliant in the way it offers seamless integration with the Android Market music store.

Go download the new Google Music app via the Android Market, we would love to know if you have downloaded this application, and when you have please do send in your personal reviews, thanks.

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