iPhone 4S Siri Applidium hack, possible Android app

As you may know, the hacking community has been hard at work trying to crack the newest piece of Apple tech on the iPhone 4S, the Siri voice assistant, and although we have already seen Siri partially play on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3S, it appears that French researchers and consultants at Applidium have now managed to crack the Siri security protocol.

According to an article over on Forbes, Applidium have announced that they are able to use “Siri’s recognition engine from any devices.” This means that anyone could use Siri on the Apple iPad or even write an Android app that uses Siri.

Although one has to say that the Siri crack hasn’t been verified and when Forbes contacted them for further info, Applidium didn’t immediately respond, but they have put up a test file, which they state was produced by talking into their version of Siri running autonomously and not on an iPhone.

Which they offer as proof they have lifted the Siri protocol from the iPhone 4S that could be implemented on other devices such as Android.

I have to say at this point I’m not the most technical of people and the explanation does tend to go into the finer tech details of understanding the protocols, so if you are into the tech jargon side of things, you can check them all out by hitting up here.

The guys have also posted a collection of tools they wrote to help understand the protocol, which can be grabbed from here, and are mostly written in Ruby, whilst some are in C, and others in Objective-C, and they say although these are not really finished, they should be enough for any technically inclined person out there to write a Siri enabled app.

So there you have it, if this thing works and works well in the hands of the technically inclined, of which no doubt there are many, we could soon see Siri apps for other devices including Android. Would any of our Android faithful readers like to see an Android Siri app become available in the not too distant future?

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