Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy Nexus demo footage

The biggest piece of tech in the Android world as of yesterday is of course the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and with it the latest and greatest operating system from the Google guys, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and over here in the UK you can now get hold of the much talked about device, whilst over in the USA they are still patiently waiting for the Galaxy Nexus and ICS to arrive.

So for our Android fan buddies over the pond in the big US of A we have a little Ice Cream sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus demonstration video to appease their appetite until they can fondle the handset themselves.

The Android (ICS) on Galaxy Nexus demo video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Slash Gear and delivers a nice seven minutes of checking out Android Ice cream Sandwich running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

In the ICS footage the guys go over the Android 4.0 active voice dictation feature, along with the new face unlock feature, facial recognition and unlock to camera option.

I have to say here that the big feature that attracts me and I find very impressive in Android Ice Cream Sandwich is that voice dictation, as you will see in the video works extremely well and takes our the hardship of having to type out an email.

Personally being an author and writer, what I would love the Google guys to come up with is a way of using that voice dictation in other apps, such as Google Docs, because if it could do that then I would no longer have to type out when writing a novel as I could simply dictate it right into Google Docs while out and about on the go, so this would be a boon to the writer out there.

Anyway that’s enough of my personal wants, I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to hit that play button and check out that ICS demo footage…enjoy.

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