Galaxy Nexus Verizon release date but 16GB only?

Unlike over here in the UK, over in the States the Samsung Galaxy Nexus still hasn’t surfaced for the public, and no one is quite sure just when the Big Red will release their version of the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone. However a potential release date for the LTE Galaxy Nexus may have just surfaced.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo the guys over at Droid-life have come across a Verizon internal document, which shows that the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is scheduled for release as of the 8th of December.

Thus if the internal documents turn out to be spot on potential owners should be able to get their hands on the US Galaxy Nexus in time for Christmas. But wait, there’s more…

Originally it was listed that the Verizon LTE CDMA version of the Android 4.0 smartphone would become available in two capacities, 16GB and 32GB; however according to the guys over at Phandroid, it appears that the 32GB model is no longer listed for some reason.

According to the Galaxy Nexus tech specs page(image below), the 32GB model has now vanished and only has the 16GB version remaining, so does this mean that over in the US Verizon will only offer a 16GB Galaxy Nexus rather than both 16GB and 32GB models?

I guess we’ll know for sure whether this all turns out to be true come the 8th of December, but we’d love to know, if you are hoping to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Big Red will you be disappointed if the device only comes with 16GB of storage?

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12 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Verizon release date but 16GB only?”

  1. Guest says:

    Awesome… Its just one huge disappointment after a another with this phone. 16GB of storage space? Really? Before that Verizon passed on the Samsung Galaxy SII and said something was coming soon. 2 months later is not “SOON” especially for all those people whose phone was on their last leg. What did they have instead? A Droid Bionic… A phone that had major issues at launch. Thanks for the great choices in selection Verizon. You are better off sending the person that’s making these decisions for you to another carrier, with decision making skills like these you’d be better off. Why don’t you focus less on screwing your customers out of some good phones and more on making them happy by giving them some good choices for a change. I know, its a weird concept isn’t it?

  2. VERIZON 4G=4 HR PHONE says:


  3. I lost root on my droid incredible when I recieved an OTA update a week ago.  Cant get it back unless I wipe my phone and start over.  I am due for an upgrade and am awaiting the release of this phone.  Bionic doesn’t do it for me, Rezound?….. tired of Sense UI……Razr?…. too odd to hold and the screen is not as sharp as reviewers had said, didn’t like the overlay either.  So that leaves the Nexus.  I guess Verizon isn’t really pushing for this phone as Google seems to have a bit more control than big red would like?  They are going to make alot of money selling this thing and thats what they are in business to do…… just let me know when I CAN BUY IT!!!  My credit card number is…………

  4. Pawel Uchman says:

    To the laypeople that happen upon this website: Please disregard the 2 idiots near the bottom. This article is just making people aware of some unconfirmed rumors… These dummies are up in arms as if someone’s making them wait or making them stay with Verizon or making them want the Nexus. Verizon/Nexus not your cup of tea? No problem… just don’t post on here unless you have a valuable contribution to make… Good day

    1. Phillip Buster says:

      Its good to know that you are the only one capable of judging for all us “laypeople” what is valuable and what isn’t.  Gee golly, if I didn’t have such fine upstanding people like yourself in my life I’d never know what to think ’bout nothin’.  In fact, I fail to see the value in anything that you’ve just posted as it actually relates to the article written.  The only dummy so far is the person that’s sticking up for Verizon–you do know they only want your money right, they don’t actually care about you (hence the fact they’ve been taken to court for price fixing, and been sued for numerous other questionable business practices).  If the cell phone industry wasn’t so hard to break into, and there was actually real competition with Verizon, Verizon would have some major problems.  The only reason I remain with Verizon is because their network is second to none, but the moment they get a real competitor I will be more than happy to dump this lousy company.  Its so awesome that the Nexus will be 4G, but its too bad that Verizon gave all our phones a 2GB lobotomy.  With my sweet new 4G phone I’ll get to listen to Pandora for an hour a day before I cap out my data… yay… 

    2. Guest says:

      Wait a minute, all you did was pass judgement on other people’s opinions. YOU didn’t have a “valuable contribution to make” at all on the phone itself either. Follow your own advice then and don’t post anything at all if all you’re going to do is just bash other people. People should be able to post what ever they want whenever possible. If they don’t complain about these things then companies won’t know what people want. I am still holding out some hope that they do go around and check out comments from time to time for consumer feedback. Also “These dummies are up in arms as if someone’s making them wait or stay with Verizon” Yes and that someone is called a 2 year contract. I know you probably want to respond to either my post or the other person that didn’t like your post but seriously, just take that hand away from the keyboard and resist that urge to make an ass out of yourself even further. Stop while you’re behind.

  5. I’m not going to pass judgement on other comments here.  People are entitled to their own opinions on Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus.  The Nexus could have been an absolutely awesome phone specs-wise but for whatever reason it isn’t.  Specs aren’t everything.  

    Despite any perceived short comings on this phone, I’m still getting one.  

    The 16GB limitation is no big deal to me.  I will be able to access my PC to download files so I’m not worried about it.  I could also use a cloud site.

    People have been concerned that the Nexus doesn’t have Corning’s Gorilla Glass.  Well it passed a scratch test so that’s good enough for me.

    The facial recognition is more of a novelty to me at this point and I’m not worried about someone taking a picture of me and trying to access my phone.  I’m sure it will improve over time.

    The 5 mp camera is fine.  After seeing pics and video taken with the Nexus compared to ones taken by the iPhone 4s, I’m fine with them.  Plus I have a Nikon camera if I really want to take excellent pics.

    There is good news in that the Nexus will have a 1850 MAH battery and initial tests show excellent battery life.

    As far as Verizon is concerned, the reason they haven’t given a release date for the Nexus is because they really haven’t had a definitive date of when the phone would be ready.  They have had tentative dates which have come and gone.  Up until yesterday, the Nexus was still going through testing and rumor has it that some bugs were found that will delay the launch of this phone.  Yes, Verizon could do a much better job of communicating and handling there customers better.

  6. Frakle24 says:

    I would be upset at least with apple you are given the option of paying more for a higher capacity phone leave it up to the customer to decide how much they want to spend on their phone. And like Jsalas561 said for 299 thats a bit high I know the os is newer but 299 for a phone I cannot expand or even get a bigger size if I wanted not a good idea.

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