Galaxy Nexus Australia release next week

Over here in the United Kingdom the Android faithful are lucky enough to already have the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich super phone to play with whilst over in the good old US of A they still wait, and it appears that even Australia will get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus before our American cousins can get it from Verizon.

According to the guys over at Unwired View the Android 4.0 toting Samsung Galaxy Nexus is expected to release in Australia next week with one of the countries largest retailers, MobiCity saying that the Galaxy Nexus is expected to become available as of the 24th of November with the first batch of handsets arriving on the 23rd.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is currently available for pre-order from MobiCity with a price tag of $799. Another Australian retailer, Kogan expects the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to become available from them a little later though with an expected availability date of the 30th of the month and also commands the same $799 price tag.

As for Australian carriers, apparently not one has announced whether they will offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as an on contract device as yet, so maybe that will happen further along the line. So as it currently stand if you wish to be amongst the first in Australia to own the Galaxy Nexus it appears MobiCity is your best option.

We’d like to ask our Australia readers out there if they are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to snap up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, if so feel free to shout out your intentions to our comments area below.

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Australia release next week”

  1. Mandyma89 says:

    YES!!! very very excited. I’ve been checking every day for a confirmed release date and this article is giving me a satisfied feeling to know its within reach now. I am hoping to get it on a telstra or Optus plan and is even paying an exit fee just so I can get on my hands on the galaxy nexus sooner. I really hope it is up to standard and satisfies by expectations.

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