iPhone 4S Back to the Future humorous video

You may know that I don’t own the iPhone as I prefer the Android platform, but as I am a fan of the movie Back to the Future I simply couldn’t resist posting this iPhone 4S Back to the Future humorous video for our reader’s viewing pleasure below, which takes a slight stab at the latest iPhone from Apple.

The Back to the iPhone 4S Future footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at TiPb and by way of the MobileNations YouTube page and lasts almost three and a half minutes of comparing the features of the iPhone 4S with those of the iPhone 4.

The video kicks off with the iconic music from Back to the Future and has a DeLorean crashing into some trashcans out of which pops a rather unconvincing Doc Emmett Brown and Marty played as a girl, and they go on to discuss the features of the iPhone 4S and whether they are compelling enough for the iPhone faithful to upgrade.

Features such as a new antenna so you can hold the iPhone 4S properly, with the reply it looks exactly the same, then the 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video that is like you having a TV studio in your hand, the response to which is you can still capture pretty good pictures on the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S has Siri, to which the response is Siri will eventually come to the iPhone 4, and Doc Brown relies “it’s barely working on my phone!” Female Marty then says she can update to iOS 5 for all iCloud services.

In the end the female Marty say she wants to upgrade to the iPhone 5 not something that looks the same, and cut to the flying DeLorean of the movie.

Anyway that’s about it with this video, so head on down and mash that play button to check out the footage, and I have to say the one thing that I took away from the footage is perhaps the iPhone 4S isn’t really worth the upgrade and you should wait for the iPhone 5…enjoy.

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