iOS 5.0.2 Delay, memory leak problems apparently

Apple were releasing the new iOS 5.0.2, that promises a real fix for the battery life issues that have been occurring this week, apparently this is not going to happen now and is more likely to be next week instead due to memory leak problems.

Macerkopf (translated) reports that the iOS 5.0.2 should be moved, apparently yesterday Cupertino provided developers information about the future iOS 5 and that the update should be moved, they are addressing errors.

Why so long for the release, and why the delay? Seems a little crazy that this could have something to do with battery life and memory leaks, this is no way near as bad as the antenna problems that occurred last year. The source above says that there are memory leaks and these needs a little more attention so that Apple can sort them out.

So is this the case of wait, a few readers have emailed us and said in a nutshell; will they release 5.0.2 then 5.0.3 and so on until they get things right.

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Source – RedmondPie


2 thoughts on “iOS 5.0.2 Delay, memory leak problems apparently”

  1. Rw says:

    How can an update that has never been revealed by Apple have been delayed.  There was NEVER a 5.0.2 update for this week since there was NEVER a beta version released to developers.  Until the developers get the update you can forget any public release.  Why don’t you guys think BEFORE you report this rumor garbage.

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