Real Facebook Phone aka Buffy coming soon

For as long as I can remember there has been rumours of a Facebook phone along with Facebook denying wanting to deliver a Facebook orientated smartphone. However we have already seen a couple of “Facebook phone impostors” in the HTC Salsa and HTC Status as they weren’t true Facebook phones, but only added a dedicated Facebook button. However the real deal Facebook phone may soon be on its way.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, the guys over at AllThingsD are reporting that the Facebook guys have been talking to smartphone maker HTC with a view to building the Facebook phone, which apparently will be named after that popular vampire slayer, Buffy for some strange reason, perhaps one of the head guys at Facebook is a Buffy fan, who knows.

Word is the Buffy Facebook phone will run a modified version of the Android operating system that will be tweaked heavily to integrate Facebook services along with support for HTML5.

Apparently the Facebook guys were also considering tapping up Samsung to deliver the real Buffy Facebook phone, but decided to opt for HTC instead, although no reason has been given as to why they chose HTC over Samsung.

As usual though the Facebook guys are remaining tight lipped over the whole Facebook phone thing and have declined to comment on the Buffy smartphone, with HTC also taking the same stance on the subject.

So there you have it, if true we could see a real Buffy Facebook phone at some point in the future, but the big questions is, do we really need a Facebook phone? Feel free to voice your opinions on a real Facebook phone to our comments area below.

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