iPad 3 codename J2 in iOS 5 code shows Retina

More rumour on the next generation iOS slate today, with word that Apple could well be prototyping not one but two versions of the Apple iPad 3, with each iOS slate having the codename J1 and J2; however the word is Apple bosses have yet to decide which prototype they will launch, but will apparently make that decision based on its needs.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by way of DigiTimes accumulated inventory for the Apple iPad 3 is expected to be in the region of roughly 2 million units by December’s end according to upstream supply chain sources.

So apparently Apple has given the two J1 and J2 prototypes to partners for development and sources claim that the major differences with the prototypes from the Apple iPad 2 is in the size, technologies, and specs with the new iOS slate having a higher resolution along with a changed light source design, moving from a single LED light bar to two.

According to the unnamed sources it appears that the J2 model is an upgraded version of the J1, and as the Apple iPad 3 component specs are not much different to the Apple iPad 2 sources believe that the next iPad will only be an upgraded version of the iPad 2, so similar to the iPhone 4S being an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 rather than the full on iPhone 5.

The 9to5 Mac guys say that judging by code strings they have seen (image below), the J2 is most certainly an Apple device, and judging that DigiTimes is accurately stating the Apple iPad 3 codename, they say it does seem quite plausible that the rumours of a Retina Display and changed light bar is accurate.

They also say that as the J2 Apple iPad 3 is found in the iOS 5 code this means that the slate is indeed being tested against an iOS software release.

The big thing I personally pick up on here is that mention of the next iPad only being an upgraded iPad 2 rather than a completely new slate, so if the next generation iPad is indeed just an upgraded model will you be picking it up or will you stick with your iPad 2 for now?

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