Exploring Top 5 Christmas 2011 Smartphone Wish List

So it’s time to explore your options of a new Christmas handset, there are many things that need considering at this time of year… are you due an upgrade? Do you intend to look for a mobile phone contract deal or would you rather opt for a no-strings-attached pay as you go deal? Whatever your decision, the top 5 Christmas 2011 smartphone Wish List will help you decide on the best handset. Xmas buyers may feel inclined to opt for the exciting new iPhone 4S due to its strategic recent release date making it the perfect Xmas Wish List contender. On the other hand, instead of making that firm decision it could be wise to explore all four other options with an open mind to avoid the commitment of a bad decision.

iPhone 4S

Some users may be disappointed at lack of change in appearance since the iPhone 4. Others may welcome the identical design due to the wide variety of phone accessories, etc. that are available in the market which will still fit. Skeptical buyers will be pleased to know there has been a major change in the dual-band aerial design. It’s safe to say Apple wish to avoid a repeat of the earlier antenna issues experienced with the iPhone 4, which was concerning, inconvenient and embarrassing to say the least.

Improvements since the iPhone 4 include the ‘+’ side volume button now acting as a camera shutter button, which most iPhone users will welcome with open arms from awkward photographic experiences involving the previous method of capturing a shot by the touch button on the screen. The extra lens on the camera means it can shoot 8MP stills (3264 by 2448 pixels) and record 1080p videos at thirty frames per second with upgraded quality. Overall, there is 30% better clarity and 26% better white balance so users can get snap happy with the option of the front camera too; always fun for face-time.

Interestingly, this is the first iPhone that doesn’t have to be connected to a computer in order to be activated on its initial software. The Dual Core A5 chip means speed is twice and fast, e.g. for running apps, taking photos and surfing on safari. The all-important game playing (a feature which is always popular on Xmas day when playing around with a new phone) has been improved with graphics that are 7x faster than the iPhone 4. So, ‘Siri’, what is it? Well, in simple terms it’s voice command to a whole new level… the iPhone 4S proudly offers this new software to make your life easier. Users can speak naturally and the phone will provide sophisticated assistance using the information on your phone such as location, contacts etc. Will it benefit you with day-to-day tasks? Or is it another cool, fun feature you will enjoy demonstrating to impressed relatives around the Christmas tree? It’s up to you.

Whether you find yourself choosing the iPhone 4S due to brand loyalty or the exciting new features, I’m sure most users are attracted to having the latest iPhone out… that is if you don’t mind curious fingers on Xmas day tapping their way through your battery life before you’ve had a chance to yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S2

So in theme with Xmas, this model is now available in white. Why is it dubbed the “most popular android mobile phone in the market” we ask you. Well, without a doubt, this handset would be number one in terms of popularity, some would say this if the iPhone didn’t exist, obviously this is due to personal choice.

The SGS2 comes with an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD playback, Super AMOLED display, dual core processor; the handset offers all the features you would expect from a phone of this capacity. With dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm, the S2 is one of the thinnest smartphones around.

The mobile combines Android Gingerbread OS and Touch Wiz with an impressive 1.2ghz processor. In between opening the not-so-important other gifts you can enjoy your Xmas day customising hundreds of options, deleting some of the app bloatware and tweaking the SEVEN home screens. Users will enjoy such activities on the huge 4.3-inche screen

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So the biggest selling point is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it’s the first mobile phone to use the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Not only does this make it the latest software in the android range, it is also the newest Google Phone. Although it has a front-facing camera, the main camera is only 5-megapixel, which is embarrassing compared to the last contenders. The appearance is minimalism at its best. No buttons, all black and a huge 4.65inch screen. At 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9mm, the dimensions are larger than Samsung’s other flagship handset, the Galaxy S2. In a nutshell, users will enjoy the huge yet high-resolution screen, the newest Android OS and a sleek, stylish design.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

For those considering buying an impressive smartphone without the commitment of a contract; this could be the phone for you. Despite the premium look and design, this phone can be bought on pay as you go for around just £149.99, which is perfect for a no-strings-attached Xmas presents. Perhaps you need to give something good but can’t see the relationship lasting, or you don’t trust your 15year old son with a brand new expensive phone for the duration of 18months+

Although compared to other Android smartphones the 800mhz processor isn’t the best. But I think the overall stylish design makes up for that combined with a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash. At 3.5 inches of display and an Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, the Galaxy Ace sits safely in the mid range of Android phones. There is a lot of offer here for the reasonable price.

Blackberry Curve 8520

So it’s not the best of the BlackBerry range but it recently proved a hit for the younger generation of BlackBerry fans when sales boosted for 18-25 year old’s. Likewise to the Samsung Galaxy Ace, the handset-only price is relatively cheap for what is on offer. It comes in a range of colours and offers all the expected features of a traditional BlackBerry.

Full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 Ringtones, MP3/MPEG4 players and a traditional design make the phone appealing to BlackBerry Messenger addicts. With a simple yet efficient 2-megapixel camera and 2.5-inch display, the phone runs on BlackBerry 5 OS. Some may say the phone is the epitome of “does the job”. The traditional BlackBerry design and reasonable pay as you go price makes the phone perfect for the younger UK market. Parents buying for their socially active, brand conscience, BlackBerry user teens are rest assured this is a safe option for Xmas that wont break the bank or have you tied down to contracts should you opt just for the handset.

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