Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher phone, prepaid basics

Looking for a great deal this festive season but aren’t really in the market for one of the high-end super phones out there, perhaps you are looking for a reasonably priced basic phone on prepaid rather than contract, then perhaps the Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher just might suit your requirements.

The Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher phone offers the user a 3.2-inch LCD touch screen, 3 megapixel camera, FM radio, video recorder, Bluetooth, picture and text messaging, alarm clock, polyphonic ringtones, mobile web, gravity senor/tilt and shake, and a battery life that offers up to 3.3 hours of talk time and 10.4 days standby time.

The Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher is a candy-bar form factor that measures 4.53 x 2.34 x 4.53 inches and weighs in at 6.6 pounds and offers microSD expansion up to 32GB.

So if you are in the market for a prepaid smartphone this holiday buying season, you can purchase the Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher from Walmart online at a very reasonable cost of just 35 bucks.

Personally the Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher isn’t a smartphone that I would be interested in but then not everyone is the same and no doubt there are those that would snap up such a bargain on a prepaid handset given the opportunity.
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104 thoughts on “Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher phone, prepaid basics”

  1. Seg says:

    Without meaning to be disrespectful to the writer of this review, it must be said that he is wrong in his assertion that this phone is available from Walmart (or anywhere else) for $35. I have followed Walmart’s ads for about a week now, with regards to the offer for this phone for $35, and the truth is that this phone was *never* available for that price. It is a scam. Once you get to checkout, the screen will say “out of stock” or “not available in your  (insert local store) Walmart location”. The truth is, the phone was never in stock. The offer was just used as a hook to get Black Friday customers inside the store.

      1. Jam-Jul Lison says:

        There is no way he was able to pay for them before they went on sale. The register system wouldn’t allow it. He probably grabbed it off the pallet 2 hours early and waited at least 2 hours before checking out.

  2. guest says:

    Be glad you didn’t get one, I bought one at walmart, it seems though after looking around on the net, most people are having major problems getting them activated and straight talk is doing very little to address it or even stand by the new phone. Congrats you saved yourself a huge headache.

    1. JJ says:

      Hey i just bought this phone and had it activated and working almost 20 minutes after. Have you tried just activating online instead of calling them? calling them can be a hassle!

  3. Mookie3680 says:

    my husband bought it for me last night and I had no issues activating it and it works great for being a basic cell phone. I like it. Besides for $35 you cant expect it to be as fast or as detailed as an iphone or android. This phone works just fine for what I need it for.

  4. Seg says:

    Not convinced.  I simply can’t understand how anybody was able to buy one online between last night (c. 10 pm) and this morning, because the “online” option was never open. In fact, the reason they kept giving for not being able to effect purchases online changed during the course of the night: first, “this phone is not available for online purchase at this time”; later “this item is out of stock”. There was no window of time in which the phone *was* available. If anybody can tell me precisely on which store and/or at what time they bought their phones I might begin to believe this is not a scam and the comments below are not by Walmart publicity associates.

    1. Itspope says:

      Hey seg i think its a scam as well becase i was there for hours and trying to buy online and it kept telling me the same thing. I thought i was the only one. then when i refreshed it it said out of stock how can it go out of stock in less than a split second………..

      1. Allie Kat9572 says:

        I think ya’ll need to check your source….These phones were online at midnight and I purchased 2 of them at the sale price…….ya’ll nuts,js

    2. Katie says:

      It did not go on sale until 12am (that was the scheduled sale time for all electronics) here in Crestview, FL and they were gone in less than a minute from when they tore the plastic off the palet. They only stocked fifty.

    3. Dixie_girl97 says:

      This is not a scam. I live in GA and I purchased 4 online at 4:05am. I was wondering about it myslf because it was suppose to be available at midnite however i was able to order at 4am for $35

    4. guest says:

      Seg: I got one after midnight at Walmart in Versailles Missouri. And no this is not a scam or a trick of Walmart. I am NOT a Walmart employee but a Walmart customer. I have had Straight Talk just for a short time but I love it. I swithced my number from another phone, which took a short time, and am very pleased. I do want another phone though and can not find one. Straight Talk does not have them on their website which I don’t know why. I will wait to see if Walmarts website restocks them.

  5. regina says:


    I purchase my phone about 9pm it took about 6 hours to tranfer my number to new phone – one done i love it and have loved straight talk for 2 years and desire nothing else, PHONE IS NICE!!!

  6. Itspope says:

    Ok heres the deal……I now know that it was a scam because i spoke to a manager at straight talk they said that they do not…..i reapeat do not sell this phone for straight talk…..So if anyone says that they bought it then you must work for walmart because even straight talk told me that it was a scam from walmart to make people come in the store and the reason they can say that is because they dont promise anyone anything so by law they can do that……………………..Please stop trying to make people think yall really bought it for straight talk because its kinda sad and very wrong..

    1. Asher says:

      oh, and by the way, I don’t work for walmart and no one in my family works for walmart. They only had a limited amount of them in stock for 35 dollars, it was part of the “black friday” thing.

    2. Tammyfenske88 says:

      I bought 2 at walmart for me and my husband and we do not work for walmart and neither does anyone in my family……And i activated mine today and have been using it and no problems…….so i think u were miss informed……

    3. Wetzelrbt says:

      thats funny i bought 2 in michiogan, was at walmart at 11pm and that pallet they were on was already opened so i grabbed 2 and waited until after 12 to check out.

    4. Allie Kat9572 says:

      Well I hate to inform you that your information is totally INncorrect…..I bought one of these phones and have been with straighttalk for over a yr now….I came home and called the sttalk number and swithched my existing account over to this phone in less than 5 min.  If straight talk did not sell this phone I wld not have been able to transfer my already working straighttalk minutes to this phone….sorry t dissapoint…….

    5. Tammyfenske88 says:

      wow u really r nuts cause i know what i bought and what my carrier is and I think u have nothing better to do than to start crap on a stupid phone site…..get a life…..ur just a little annoyed at the fact that u didn’t get one…..Cause all i have heard from everyone is that it is a great basic phone and i love it……

    6. Bishopssenn says:

      Dont’t know where you live but you are so misinformed. I bought mine in Dalton Ga on black friday…AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!! YOU have some issues you need to fix in yourself if you think this is a scam. It is sad people like you try to mislead people in your negative comments that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IN THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

  7. Joanna says:

    I had the same problem with it “not being in stock”…and it said that the whole 3 hours that I stood in line for it at the Dublin, Ga walmart!!! The really awful part of it was after I stood in line all that time they didn’t announce until about 11:45 that they didn’t even have the phones!!! So..I don’t know what the situation really was…but I do know that NONE were at the Dublin store and they were “out of stock” online everytime I looked.

    1. Jonsey07874 says:

      ok My Brother inlaw works for wal mart where I was able to get mine. only store in areas where they would work got them so that may be why yours never got any.

  8. Jam-Jul Lison says:

    The reason so many people did not get one at walmarts is because people were unwrapping the pallet with them on them and getting them before 12 am when they went on sale. I am a walmart Employee. I got off at 11 pm last nite. When I got down there they were gone. I had seen them on there earlier. My sister was one of those people. She grabbed 3. One for her and her fiance, one for her niece and one for her fiance’s mom. She said people were just reaching in and grabbing them so she hurried and grabbed them. She ended up handing over the one she got for herself for me to buy since I needed one. There were a lot of items people were pulling off early in Electronics. No one was able to buy them before 12 am because the system wouldn’t let them. So people waited around until 12 am until they could buy them. Keep in mind they only had a limited amount avalible. As with most black friday items they go fast. So even if people had waited until 12 am to grab them, they still wouldn’t have lasted long.

    1. Jam-Jul Lison says:

      I forgot to mention I did they have some sort of computer glitch though.  A ran into another employee earlier today who mentioned it. She was surprised I was able to buy my phone like I was. I must have just checked out before the computer glitch occured. This was at the store in Lebanon, IN.  But I could see it being system wide.

    1. Tammyfenske88 says:

      I think it depends on where u live cause everyone has said they are powered by different sources.  Mine is t mobile but my carrier is straight talk…..

    2. Nimee says:

      Its Straight Talk prepaid card thru Walmart only.It has a thirty dollar card ,1000 -text -mobile web-mintues,or unlimited everything for forty five dollars.A whole lot cheaper than those contracts. This is my second phone ,and i love it .I just gotta figure out some things on it?

  9. Cassie says:

    there was only 25 at the Newport SC Walmart.. I stood in line for 4 hours and got two.. The people at walmart were smart and gave out tickets.. and you only got one if you had the ticket for it.. and they were not handed out till midnight…  

  10. Afleck says:

    I ordered 2 of them online at around 4:30 am, i had watched for them at midnight but they said they werent available, so i went to check in stores and they were gone after doing other shopping i came home and found that i could order them 🙂

    1. brittney says:

      Damn thats good i waited in line at Rincon, Walmart even though i was first in line  i only got one phone i needed 2. I want another one where did u order yours?

        1. Crystal C says:

          Straight talk has them ask for a supervisor and they can get one I know I had to for my husband his was broken out of the box. One is being shipped.

  11. Doxychick says:

    I stopped at Wal-Mart last night on my way home from work, at 2:30 a.m., and there were about five left on a display.  I went in for soda and bought the phone on a whim.  I didn’t even have to stand in line to check out. 

  12. brittney says:

    Its stupid i’ve been trying to buy one online and i can’t and they don’t know who carries it? I think is pointless i even called straight talk company and they don’t have it either….. If they don’t sell it who does. I bought one on Walmart on BLACK FRIDAY . Its crazy i waited in line and i wanted 2 not just one, one for me and one for my husband. Employees were mean and couldn’t controI the people man people were crazy and were trying to grab everything they could get there hands on and as many as they could nothing but a bunch of rude people it was funny lol. I have one but i want another one can somebody please give me some info or what to do.

      1. Jralph_m80751 says:

        That made me made too. so i hear your pain, i wanted one, i look all over for days to see if their is any out thier, have not had luck, dont want to get one for 199. im on a tight budget, i mean tight….

      2. Mary Ellen says:

        they were also gone when I got to Walmart but I started complaining guess I finally complained to the right person cause he told me just wait right here I’m gonna go find you one, and he came back less then three mins later with one for me, but its still in the box haven’t opened it yet its a xmas gift

      3. Mary Ellen says:

        they were also gone when I got to Walmart but I started complaining guess I finally complained to the right person cause he told me just wait right here I’m gonna go find you one, and he came back less then three mins later with one for me, but its still in the box haven’t opened it yet its a xmas gift

  13. Levans says:

    I don’t think they were available in all stores and I don’t think they work in all areas.  Here they are off att.  They were available for a few seconds at our store!

  14. Tash9nails says:

    I have a brand new ex124g phone still in the box bought it on black friday & still have not opened it.  I decided to get iphone instead.  If anyone is interested contact 713-416-2447 katy, tx

  15. monique says:

    i brought the phone from walmart black friday and had it switch the next day  with same number but got a text from at&t saying thank you  so then i calle straight talk to help me  with the phone setup  the lady told me this is a new phone and she didn’t know it but she turned me over to someone else and they guided me through it  it ok with me the price is right for the phone  no problems yet with it my walmart only had 8  i grab one 

  16. Crystal C says:

    I got 2 and one out of the box never worked, there are no song on it but I did find a site and go t them for free witch its nice I was going to have to pay for the ring tone. 

  17. Crystal C says:

    So I am wanting to know if anyone would know why my Java is not working right??? I also know where to get ringtones for free. IT is crazy to pay 2.99 each for them, I am trying to get game down load also but having a hard time with it you be able to. 

    1. Nimee says:

      I can’t get my java to work either ? But also i can’t get on the web either? Every time i click browser it says connecting then goes to loading and page loads can’t select anything cause at bottom of page it says options and its a circle goes back to where i began? All it does is eat up my web time and get nowhere?? Can anyone tell me how to get this??

  18. MC says:

    The phones went on sale online at 3 a.m. on Black Friday and I was lucky enough to get one.  Within minutes it was sold out.  A response to the person who said this isn’t a Straight Talk phone…that’s not true, it is so don’t believe everything you read on these posts.

  19. I’m in Lebanon Ohio. There were 16 phones that were not opened until 12am. I followed the skid and stood next to the box until then. I ended up getting 6 of them. Thought that was pretty good. I have 1 that I picked up for a friend and she does not want it any longer. My mom, sister-n-law and myself are using them and absolutely love them. It is our 1st touch screen phone. Free ring tones, and apps. Unlimited talk and text and internet for $48 a month. Can’t beat that. I live on top of a mountain where some carriers will not work. This phone works and has not failed me yet. If you want this phone it has not been opened. I do have reciept if you want a copy so you know it is activated.

    I would like $50 for it, plus you pay for shipping if needed.

    1. Guyverhawk says:

      im not trying to be rude but i work at walmart and it is bs that you got 6, there are people who really wanted them and couldnt get them because people like you. if your friend really wanted one they should hase stood in line like everyone else. it was supposed to be one per customer….

          1. BonnieGoingGreen says:

             I have two for sale and I stood there at Black Friday also.  As much as I agree that six is crazy, Walmart did not post a limit in any sales papers where I am.  I can not use them in my town and would like to sell the two I have for $50.00 each plus shipping.  If you are interested email me BonnieGoingGreen@yahoo.com

          2. Karebear842002 says:

            why would people pay you $50 plus shipping when you only paid $35 for them? really? greedy much?

      1. still waiting says:

        I agree with you!!!  I have been trying to get one since midnite black friday and they ran out immediately.  they no longer have them on line and greedy people like this are to blame.

  20. Dove_harris says:

    I’m very pleased with my phone. It’s got good service coverage in my area, and I live in the hills of california where there is not much service at all.

  21. Dove_harris says:

    I’m very pleased with my phone. It’s got good service coverage in my area, and I live in the hills of california where there is not much service at all.

  22. I bought the
    Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Kingfisher Prepaid Touchscreen Camera Phone at walmart on black friday, but now i am unsure if i want this or something better, i have the R451c that i switched to the E71 for, but now i don’t know, is it worth changing?

  23. BonnieGoingGreen says:

    Make sure that the you can use it in your zip code before you purchase it.  I bought two of them at the nearest Walmart to me for Christmas at the black Friday sale and did away with my Net10 account to sign up for the StraighTalk and found out that the programing is not supported at my house.  If I was with Verision it would, but through StraighTalk it is NOT!!!

  24. Tori says:

    hello everyone. i purchase the kingfisher phone as well because it was a great bargain…couldnt beat it…but the phone itself is whack!!!!….my browser keep saying error in certificate. i call the support people and they said they wasnt nothing they could do about it….you cant download games or apps….service is ok in some areas…but most of my calls drop….never had that happen with the older straight talk phones that ran off verizon network. this at&t service sucks!!!!….so thinkin about a new phone…..

  25. Randy says:

    got 2 from walmart on black friday, one has a dead touch screen and a friend brought his to me bought on the same day and his touch screen is dead too…. nothing but a blurry square back ground, and nothing works..  would think twice on this one…

  26. Renee' Miller says:

    I had a Motorola EX124G Straight Talk phone that I had a friend buy for me back when the black Friday sale was going on at Wal-mart! I have to say I absolutely loved it but unfortunately I left it out in the open in my boyfriend’s room and this chick came in and stole it! Now I’m being told that there’s nothing anyone can do! So I’m here now making this post in the hope that someone has one for sell because I really miss my phone! So if there’s anyone out there who is looking to get rid of their phone (preferable in box) I would be glad to take it off their hands! Please contact me at whrisper_200469@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook under Renee’ Miller (Missouri)

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