T-Mobile USA & AT&T merger application, possible compensation

As the battle of mobile phone sales continue with retailers up until Christmas, a different kind of war is continuing with two of the biggest US carriers, that of T-Mobile USA and that of AT&T. Since March of this year, news has centered on the two in relation to AT&T buying that of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.

With a plan set in motion to buy the company, therefore paving the way for one massive US carrier to exist, it seems T-Mobile USA have now got their doubts as to whether the £25bn or converted $39bn merger will now actually take place. News in today courtesy of bbc.co.uk, has reported that T-Mobile USA have in fact withdrawn their merger application, leaving AT&T stating that a $4bn charge will now be added in order to cover a possible compensation figure.

With the government intervening now and reports from them stating that the merger would lead onto potential problems for example, high prices, a court order has been applied for leading to a “block” on all proceedings.

Both companies will endeavour to get the go ahead from the Federal Communications Commission as well as the Justice Department.

Give us your thoughts on the two US carriers merging as one?

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