13 Christmas Puzzles for kids via iOS app

With Christmas just round the corner and the kids ending school fairly soon you’ll need to keep your children out of your hair whilst you prepare for those Christmas festivities, and if you own and iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad there is an app that will keep your kids entertained called Christmas Puzzles for Kids.

Christmas Puzzles for Kids for iOS devices is an animated puzzle application with 13 differing Christmas scenes that can be set to easy, medium or difficult and features puzzle pieces that when touched double size so kids can create large pictures from the small pieces.

With the Christmas Puzzles for Kids app when dragging puzzle pieces onto the picture and placing them either correctly or incorrectly the user is rewarded with animated actions along with sound effects. The app also features original, festive holiday music.

Kids scroll horizontally in the app to pick a puzzle they wish to do and when selected the illustration will fill the left-most two-thirds of the display while puzzle pieces slide onto the display from the right two at a time with pieces colours realistic that when a piece is placed correctly it is clear which pieces remain missing.

As soon as the child touches a puzzle piece it will grow in size immediately to the correct size to fit into the puzzle. The Christmas Puzzles for Kids encourages kids to recognise puzzle pieces by shape and graphical content regardless of size.

We have a quick demonstration video of Christmas Puzzles for Kids for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad for your viewing pleasure below so don’t forget to check that out and if you wish to grab the Christmas Puzzles for Kids app you can do so at a cost of $0.99 by hitting up iTunes.

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