3D Mark for Android 2012, measures gaming performance

The makers of PCMark and 3Dmark benchmarking software, Futuremark have announce they are working on brining their software to the Android platform in the form of an Android app called simply 3Dmark for Android and will bring industry standard testing tools to the popular mobile platform.

According to the guys over at Engadget, Futuremark has begun development of 3Dmark for Android that will bring industry standard gaming performance benchmark to Android tablets sometime next year.

Once the new 3Dmark for Android benchmarking app is complete it should be able to measure gaming performance via physics tests, rendering and CPU, pushing the OpenGL ES API to the limit, and will have a complimentary online service to compare results between devices, and apparently results will be comparable with 3DMark for Windows 8.

The company is inviting device firms to join the benchmark development program, a program that already includes the likes of Dell, HP, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.

So there you go, at some point in 2012 there will be the 3DMark for Android gaming performance benchmarking app available to those that wish to use it, although currently there is no hard and fast date we will see 3DMark for Android.

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