Download ICS-x86 PC-based Android 4.0.1 source code

The new ICS-x86 PC-based Android 4.0.1 source code is now available to download for PC-based processors; Android users love the fact that this code is open-sourced.

Google have at last made available the new Ice Cream Sandwich x86 source code for developers, this basically means that this operating system can run on many things, especially tablet PCs.

ICS-x86 is still in its early stages, so please remember that this code is not fully stable yet. Redmond Pie points out that it will require more work before it is stable, and that Intel processors as an example offers particular resistance with hardware acceleration and sound, the source also mentions that cameras and Ethernet prove troublesome, let you be the judge of that.

The code is now available to download by visiting the Google Group: Android 4.0.1 is ready; AMD and developers may like this one. Please do let us know if you download the new Android-x86?

Please use our commenting area below and let us know what it is all about, the more you let us know the more we can learn from you. Thanks guys, you are the best.

Source – 9to5Google


One thought on “Download ICS-x86 PC-based Android 4.0.1 source code”

  1. Dcarolla says:

    i’m running an AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core and when I try and run Android 4.01 it says 0.3583751 microcode: no support for this CPU vendor?

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