Hands-on the LG Nitro HD AT&T, release update

We reported a couple of days ago about AT&T’s announcement, in which they stated that the new LG Nitro HD smartphone would be released on their 4G LTE network from the 4th of December. This must have taken the wind out of LG’s sails slightly as they were yet to pull the covers off their latest device.

This has now changed according to Engadget, who reported on LG’s own official launch of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone. Releasing amongst a strong group of similar handsets from rival manufacturers may seem like a strange tactic, although there is no denying that Nitro HD has the specs to match the competition.

Looking over the new LG smartphone, we see a clean simple design with uncluttered edges, only broken up by the volume controls on one side. Up top you will find the headphone jack, power button and USB port. Other impressions are that it is certainly no heavyweight; formed of ribbed plastic the Nitro is vey light.

As we said performance comes from Android Gingerbread, with dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm APQ8060 processor powering the 4.5-inch, “true” HD 1280 x 720 IPS display. An 8MP camera captures images outback and conveys them to the 20GB storage space.

So as we can see, at $250 on a two-year contract, the LG Nitro HD has what it takes to match its peers, but is it good enough to really challenge the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy SII Skyrocket? Give us your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Hands-on the LG Nitro HD AT&T, release update”

  1. elgande says:

    I had a vivid and return it for a skyrocket on the 30th of last month, now rooted, stock rom and clocking at 1728 with zero hiccups, I’m not looking back  I’m scoring 3700 on bench marks phone runs smooth as silk, now LG Nitro phone has a nice screen but u also have to think that to take advantage of the screen   videos on the net will have to be HD quality as well, other than that skyrocket will get updates faster, a lot more support for roms etc…I honestly think Nitro won’t get ICS update till pass May,..I think most samsung galaxy phones will get ICS in three months or less…just my two cents..

    1. gman thebrave says:


      You are right elgande that the video will have to be HD on
      the net but I already watch in HD on my iPhone and the picture is perfect.  As much as I like my iPhone I want the flash
      capability and this screen certainly will make my HD streaming live and
      recorded TV from my DISH Network employee Sling Adapter look great.  That is primarily what I use my phone for
      (besides phone calls) so the HD quality screen is really important to me.  The processor is plenty fast enough and the
      LTE network will allow me to avoid buffering. 
      I say it’s a winner for the price and I’m seriously considering it.  Perhaps I’ll drop a hint to my wife for

  2. Eviltweety88 says:

    Challenge the Samsung? You’re kidding, right? It surpassed it in just about EVERY category…yeah, guess I’ll be forced to compromise by having a FULL 720p display… I’m not a hater of Samsung, but dont get the reverence placed on there recent handsets. They ARE good, but 800×400 displays just aren’t cutting it for high end devices today.

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