Has Infinity Blade II update fixed crashing problems?

If you are a gamer on the iOS platform and recently downloaded the Infinity Blade II slash and stab game for your iPhone or Apple iPad you will no doubt be aware that the iOS game has been experiencing some problems, we recently reported on this issue and you can refresh your memory by hitting up (here).

Anyway according to the guys over at Redmond Pie, the Infinity Blade II app update fix is now available to those who have already grabbed Infinity Blade II while new purchases of the game will be the updated version.

According to the Infinity Blade II download page on iTunes, the update delivers bug fixes, optimisations and balance tweaks, which one can only presume sorts out the crashing problems the iOS gaming faithful have been experiencing.

So hopefully once iPhone or Apple iPad gamers that own Infinity Blade II grab the update it will solve that annoying crashing problem. Of course we’d love to hear from any of our iOS gaming readers out there that have experienced this issue with Infinity Blade II.

Moreover, we’d like to know if that once you have grabbed the update, has the Infinity Blade II update fixed the crashing problems or not? Feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.

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7 thoughts on “Has Infinity Blade II update fixed crashing problems?”

  1. Mohdazam_my says:

    I have been install IB2 in my ipad2 with IOS5 inlude tha latest with update. But the game was missing from my ipad and need to install again. After installed i can run the app as usual but it will missing when i shut down the app.

  2. Illsick20 says:

    I downloaded the app and then rebooted my ipod touch and it works. The only problem it has is memory, such as if you play through the opening mission of the game, if you close out the app you have to restart it for some reasob

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