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The old tech that has become new and starting to make pace in the mobile space is of course NFC, it’s been around for ages and only recently has been adopted by device makers on the whole the biggest of which is probably Google Wallet; however when it comes to the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset to hit the US of A, it appears Google Wallet will be missing.

For those waiting for the US Samsung Galaxy Nexus to arrive on Verizon and expect to be able to use Google Wallet you are right out of luck, as according to the guys over at Slash Gear, the Verizon model of the Galaxy Nexus will not include Google Wallet.

Apparently Google confirmed the exclusion of their HFC payment service from the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to the guys over at Computer World, and this exclusion was at the Big Red’s own request not to include Google Wallet.

The reason for the exclusion is apparently as Verizon in conjunction with AT&T and T-Mobile is working on a new mobile NFC payment network called ISIS, which is scheduled to roll out next year, and obviously Verizon doesn’t wish to compete against Google on the NFC front.

Thus this probably means that for the foreseeable future anyway, the only Android device in the USA that will currently work with Google Wallet will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G, because if Verizon doesn’t want Google’s NFC payment service on the Galaxy Nexus then it probably wont want it on future devices either.

So there you have it if you are waiting to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon you wont be playing nice with Google Wallet, does this news annoy you?

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