New Pennda P9 Android 2.2 tablet: China

Well now there appears to be a new player in the Android tablet space coming out of China in the form of the Pennda P9 tablet with word that Pennda will be making their way to CES 2012 in Las Vega presumably to tout the new Android powered slate, which judging from the image looks to be some kind of tablet/home phone hybrid.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Pennda P9 tablet features an intuitive touch interface with a 7-inch touch screen that will enable the user to access such things as their enterprise contacts, your email inbox, browse the Internet via its built-in browser and send instant messages.

The Pennda P9 tablet can also run Android apps from the Android Market and runs the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, there’s also Flash 10.1 support and 720p HD local video, stereo audio output and a 3.5mm jack.

Now having said all this it would appear that the Pennda P9 has been designed to businesses rather than the home, and actually personally I’m not all that sure the Pennda P9 could be classed as an Android tablet at all, but rather a desktop orientated tablet phone since Pennda themselves call the device the P9-Multimedia Phone.

I do have to say that in my personal opinion, unless that old-style home phone can be detached from the Android base or the tablet part can be separated then it clearly shouldn’t be referred to as a tablet, as most tablets can be easily carried around, and who would want to lug around a tablet with an old style handset attached?

So what do our readers reckon, is the Pennda P9 an Android tablet or is it more of a desktop phone with touch screen base?

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