Galaxy Nexus for Verizon delayed due to Google Wallet

Well no doubt most of the Android faithful expected the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone to come out to play on the Big Red yesterday the 9th of December, but obviously the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus didn’t appear, leaving many wondering just why the new smartphone wasn’t released, and if the Samsung Galaxy Nexus release on Verizon is going to turn into the same debacle seen with the release of the HTC Thunderbolt.

Having said that, it’s the same situation with the Galaxy Nexus as with the Thunderbolt, Verizon didn’t give a release date then, and they haven’t with the latest Android device to come from Samsung, as any expected release date has simply been based on rumour.

So what could be holding up the release on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US? Well according to an article over on Business Insider, by way of Phandroid, the word is the Big Red is delaying the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus due to ongoing talks between Verizon and Google over whether the Galaxy Nexus should sport the Google Wallet app.

Apparently according to unnamed high ups at Verizon there’s a bit of a do over the Google guys wanting the NFC payment app included on their first Android 4.0 handset, something Verizon doesn’t want as they have partnered with ISIS to bring their own NFC payment service, but the Google guys want the Android Ice Cream Sandwich device “untouched,” whist the Big Red demands that it be removed.

So there you have it the apparent reason just why you have not yet been able to get your hands on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and probably the reason why the Galaxy Nexus is delayed and will continue to be delayed until either Google or Version gives in or both come to some kind of compromise.

One would have thought that this NFC issue would have been sorted out long before the smartphone was supposed to hit the streets, but the thing is, if Verizon and Google can’t reach an agreement over Google Wallet, will Verizon actually deliver the Galaxy Nexus to expectant customers or will they pass it over.

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53 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus for Verizon delayed due to Google Wallet”

    1. Bill says:

      I don’t know if you remember that is why Verizon didn’t want the original Nexus. Google advertised that the phone would be available in their online stores and they would work for both T-Mobile and Verizon. But Verizon is obsessed with tweaking the device and adding their bloatware to the devices they sell. So the original Nexus never launched for Verizon.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You are right, Bill. It’s also why Apple threw up its hands over trying to put the iPhone on Verizon originally: VZW control freaks crippled and phone capability that Verizon could possibly charge you to use. A phone might have had a built-in GPS that users on any other carrier could enjoy for the reason that THEY PAID MONEY TO BUY THE PHONE. Verizon would disable GPS and only let it function through its proprietary VZNavigator. I usually hate government meddling, but Google has the influence, cash and clout to make this unpleasant for VZW. Not that Google is an angel either. Its net neutrality stance is all about controlling smaller competitors. But on Google Wallet, Google is right and should put weight behind its Android platform and Android fans.

      2. storm2180 says:


    1. storm2180 says:

      AT&T sucks as far as their network service and T-Mobile’s network is not at all that great they have a cap on the amount of network data you use, and their 4g service isn’t that strong…. Google should of let Sprint release the phone their 4g is good, they have not data cap its unlimited and you can call any cell phone by any carrier and its free… It only costs your data time when you call a landline phone whether you know it or not but Sprint is one of the best carriers and they left the nexus as is and didn’t add no bloatware and it came out at a decent time…. F*CK VERIZON and you can tell them I said that… 

  1. Anonymous says:

    This just makes me hate Verizon even more.

    Even though Google has Google+ as a social networking platform, you don’t see Google banning Facebook just because they want people to use Google+.

    1. Bill says:

      But google is banning people from accessing youtube who does not have emails linked to gmail. It would be a losing battle if Google banned Facebook. But they can do the same for youtube as youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world. And if people signed up for gmail they are only one click away from being a google+ user.

  2. Reuben Grewal says:

    Feel free to throw in some commas and question marks. Did the auto-correct on your phone assume it knew what you meant? Anyhow, the fact that Verizon is quibbling over this Google Wallet proposal is absolutely absurd. This is exactly what we should be afraid of. Large corporations feeling they have our best interests in mind all the while taking away our freedom of choice. Ordered my Nexus unlocked and am going to T Mobile come Tuesday. So nice to be free from the shackles of greed. Even better, I now have a personal “launch date” for my Nexus and barring some international catastrophe affecting the transport of it from FedEx, I know I’ll have it in my hands Tuesday morning. Can’t wait.

  3. cul8r says:

    Verizon is turning into a bit of a joke when it comes to phone releases…its nice they are finally putting out some quality phones after the atrix topped the charts for nearly a year…i find myself passing up phone after phone because verizon delays the good phones so long that the next best thing is always lurking around the corner before they get all thier garbage worked out…i dont hold a business degree so I assume there is good reasons for whatever the delays are but from a customer who has been waiting to upgrade since around the time the atrix was released I find these delays rather frustrating when trying to get a quality phone that will hold its place in the pack for a reasonable amount of time…android phones are produced as quick as wild hogs

    1. Reuben Grewal says:

      Don’t fall prey to their “business decisions” and subsequent “explanations.” Corporations specialize in releasing public statements meant to convince you that they’re doing this “for you” instead of against you (and for themselves).

  4. Jamison Town says:

    This idea that something is going to be added or removed is absurd.  The phones are already sitting in the retail stores.  Whatever was on there when they were shipped is what will be on there when they’re sold.  Any updates or changes will need to be made OTA and Verizon takes months to test a new build.  The phones are sitting on the shelf because Verizon’s 4G network took another huge dump, plain and simple.

    1. Bill says:

      Not true. I worked for Verizon for 5 years as tech manager and at times we had to stay for overtime just to update all the phones in stock before they are sold. We would receive the phone a week or a couple days before the release and boom we would get an email telling us to update them before selling.

    2. storm2180 says:

      the network has nothing to do with it but i do agree that if they really needed to change anything about the phone regardless they can do it with an OTA update but like you said it will takes months to do so maybe thats why verizon is doing what their doing now cause they know by that time the google wallet will be automatically used by some customers cause isis won’t be on the phone till next year and they don’t want to take that chance…. So their willing to lose a couple of customers which will be a very small percentage compared to people willing to wait, and the amount of money they would make if they added isis later than wallet today.. 

  5. Wouldn’t this tactic by verizon be illegal due to anti-competition laws?  Saying verizon can prevent google wallet from being installed is like saying pizza hut could prevent a dominoes being opened in the same city because they don’t want competition…

    1. Bill says:

      This isn’t the first time Verizon crippled features. I don’t know if you remember the v710 “crippled bluetooth” lawsuit. Back then they did it so users would send pictures via MMS and not use bluetooth because Verizon makes money when MMS is used but not with bluetooth. Per special “open access” rules set by the FCC they are not allowed to “block” an application. But they will try to come to an agreement with google so they are not adding this feature to the phone. I personally think they may not even sell the phone if google does not come to an agreement. Because Verizon does not want Google Wallet competing with their ISIS and Google wants to have a percentage everytime you take out your phone to make a payment.

  6. This wouldn’t be the first contract that bought out of to go with the carrier that had the phone I wanted. Galaxy Nexus has to come with Google Wallet.  It’s part of the attraction to the phone–Verizon didn’t stuff their CRAP software choices down my throat.  Let ME decide, damnit.

  7. Paul is a fool says:

    Paul, you’re an idiot. It’s their company, they dont’ have to allow anything on their phones that they don’t have to allow anything on their phones that they don’t want. Your analogy would make sense if you’re talking about opening a Dominoes in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut. 

    Aside from that, this is supposed to be a vanilla google phone. Verizon can live with one phone without Isis. They shouldn’t be contaminating it with their junk. Give their customers a choice. They don’t have to market this phone, just give their powerusers a choice to finally have a phone without bloatware, that isn’t 6+ months behind in technology, and that isn’t locked out.

    1. Blanca Perez says:

      “It’s their company, they dont’ have to allow anything on their phones
      that they don’t have to allow anything on their phones that they don’t

      Doesn’t that depend on the Android licensing agreement with Google? If the lawyers did their job, it would include what is and isn’t allowed.

      1. storm2180 says:

        Blanca Perez not for nothing but your an idiot, you know and I know verizon is just plain greedy and they rather use an app that they have control over plus besides the fact that if they did get the agreement to take off wallet and use isis that will just help their sales grow more and don’t forget the fees and taxes that will be added guaranteed.. So I think your a verizon ass kisser and probably been with them for years and been sucking their phone service to where they got you bitched out lol…  

    2. Anonymous says:

      Actually Paul is not an idiot.  There’s something called anti-trust laws where you can’t inhibit competition, which is exactly what Verizon is doing by not allowing Google Wallet in favor of there own software.  It would be as if Windows did not allow you to use Firefox or Chrome and force you to use Explorer.  It’s illegal….  

  8. Jamaicawind says:

    Ok the only reason this is so stupid is because this is something Verizon and Google should of been discussing BEFORE they already made the LTE models of the phone and shipped them off to the stores. For god sake why would you wait last minute to piss around on this google wallet thing. And is it not at all possible for them to resolve this AFTER they sell the phone?

  9. Greenlatin says:

    I think since Sprint is a partner of Google with Google wallet they should jump in and be the first carrier to hold th galaxy nexus if this issue persists. The nexus wouldve been out already if sprint had it in its hands only problem is no LTE

    1. storm2180 says:

      I agree with you on that on, if sprint is already partnered with google I really didn’t understand why the let the greediest, cellular company to actually market the GNEX when they should of known that VZW will always try to control things and rather then please their customers, they’re more worried about adding more money in their pockets and screw what the customer wants and needs cause regardless in their eyes the customer isn’t going anywhere, your just going to wait til their ready to feed you and let you starve till they sucked all of the pure android experience out of the phone and give you what they think you should have…. HERE WHAT I SAY, VERIZON SUCKS THATS  WHY I HAVE SPRINT. and your right if sprint would of had it, it would of been out and probably before any other country…. Glad i’m not a verizon customer I have the nexus s 4g and all i’m waiting for is the ota update… 

  10. I don’t really understand why carriers don’t understand why we don’t want their software. Get it, already! We don’t want your software. We want a blank device that we can than configure to meet our needs. Not that difficult to understand.  There are so many well-known services for just about everything, that being “forced” into using one thing over another is a HUGE turn off. 

    1. Rcl5113 says:

      Carriers do understand you dont want their software…they just dont care, they make money on the crap they put on it and thats all they care about.  Also the large majority of people who are buying android phones like the things carriers and phone companies put on the phone.

  11. Michael says:

    By the time it gets released phones like ther Razr might have a fully operational ICS OS on them, due to reverse engineering on ICS devices out in other countries. Also with such a debate as to the NFC, if possible VZW should let the nexus be untouched due to the riots, and just put ISIS on other phones they roll out. But in all honestly I’ve been waiting for this phone and at the rate it comes out its not going to slide much favor to VZW in terms of the market because quad core phones are coming out next year and the IPhone 5 will probably out by then and the Galaxy nexus will be playing catch up and be slighly outdated even if it was made by google.
    Fact: Verizon loves locking down phones and trying to baffle customers with big words.(the NFC item release statement).

  12. Mcerock says:

    If this really is the case, then all future Android based smartphones on VZW, AT&T plus T-Mobile with NFC will have issues.  Google Wallet is Google and so is Android.  The big three might push ISIS, but ISIS will not exist unless they can come to some type of agreement over the operating system.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “will Verizon actually deliver the Galaxy Nexus to expectant customers or will they pass it over”  I’m sure  a large number have already been manufactured, I don’t konw that “passing it over” is an option.  I suppose if they can’t agree, Verizon could still release the phone, just without the Nexus imprimatur from Google in the name…

  14. Texas Pog says:

    I am so furious of the shoddy way Verizon has treated its (potential) customers over the release of Gnex due to corporate greed, arrogance, and indifference (stonewalling) that my philosophy after my 2 year contract is up, is “Anyone but Verizon” for my carrier.  Not only has just about everyone in the world had access to Gnex before the U.S. (by as much as a month or more), but also at a substantially lower cost ($160 in Canada vs. $300 in the U.S.).  If they had only respected us enough to give us some information, if not an explanation, it wouldn’t have been so bad. They are as secretive, exclusive, and downright arrogant as Apple–I guess when you are the top dog, you figure you can treat people lik crap.

    1. Eskoneck says:

      Yeah it’s Verizon doing that….. You’re an idiot SAMSUNG makes the phone NOT Verizon. They control the pricing and it’s competitive with similar phones on the market. Google and Samsung prolonged the release, priced the phone, and are the ones that are secretive with the info. I work at Verizon and we know as much as you do. You’re probably the kind of moron that calls the cable company because you TV is a piece of junk. 

      1. stibuuuu says:

        Uhm, I believe it is Verizon delaying the release. Why else would Samsung or Google want to delay the release of the GNex in US, when rest of the world got it? I get your point of pricing, but Pog’s “main” point was the lack of information Verizon is providing, and seemingly, although not 100% sure, the corporate greed.

      2. exVerizon says:

        Sorry Eskoneck, you’re the idiot. Pricing is determined through negotiations between the carrier and the manufacturer and arriving at how much the carrier subsidy will be. Mopping the floor at a Verizon store wouldn’t make you privy to negotiations being conducted at the level referred to in the article. The morons in the Verizon store don’t know anything because things have been held up at a higher level within Verizon. What possible reason could Samsung or Google have for delaying the release in the US? None, the problem in the US is Verizon. Don’t put that mop away… you missed a spot…

  15. Anonymous says:

    The primary trademark of the Nexus line of phones is unfettered devices that offer the purest Google Android experience. The idea that Verizon would allow that is mythological at best. I’m looking forward to leaving the big V once my contract is up.

  16. Mabruk says:

    I have a question I can’t find answered anywhere: What about the UNLOCKED version of this phone that comes with no contract and is projected to run around $800, is not connected to any specific carrier and allows SIM card exchange??? Corporate legal baby-ishness about GoogleWallet should not be an issue for people wanting the unlocked model. Why is it not being sold independently of Verizon? Who controls that? Google? Samsung? Or Verizon, not wanting to lose business knowing full well, people would buy the unlocked version if it was out?
    Once Verizon releases their fettered version of the phone, will the unlocked model be available too? I’ll gladly pay $800 for it just to stick it to Verizon.

    1. Mhubbard33 says:

      Brought my unlocked GMS version 2 days ago from GSM Imports on amazon for $735.00.  Had enough waiting for this.  I’m currently on att and was going to switch to Verizon, but can’t deal with this.

  17. If this is the reason, this is outrageous.  Is there a place where we can sign a “petition” to tell Verizon to stop defacing open source software?  They need to stop being ridiculous.  Even from a business perspective, it’s a bad idea as it’s going to backlash one day or the next.

  18. Colecago says:

    Was at a best buy today, got the nexus, activated it, was their about an hour while they were doing the paperwork, then when they went to ring it up, it wouldn’t, it had been removed from the system. They called the district manager and he said even though their release date said the 11th, it had been pulled. They took the phone and had to call verizon to reverse the upgrade. They didn’t have a definite date but said probably the 15th. The manager said “watch the newspapers and news, this launch will be big. When you see them raving about it in commercials and newspapers, come back and it will be time”. Thanks for the hard date man.

    Also, interesting note. While activating, it asks you to login to verizon sync to get your backups, so no pure vanilla android if that is on their. Maybe its a removable app at least.

    1. Colecago says:

      Alsop, it does have a sim card. The associate put a small plastic verizon sim card that said 4g on it in the back. Don’t know if it will work internationally though, doubt it has the radios to do so.

  19. I really hope Google holds firm with their google wallet service.  I don’t want Verizon anywhere near where they control taxes and fees.  They are absolutely criminal when it comes to this type of activity.  Just check your bill for on how much you are paying for these hidden charges that they claim to have no control over because they are taxes.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wallet works on the galaxy nexus without rooting.  If you have google wallet added to My Apps in the market place (through having it on nexus s 4g before or some other method), the app automatically downloads when logging into galaxy nexus.  Then, just launch Google Shopper on the galaxy nexus first which initializes the device. Then, google wallet works fine on the Galaxy nexus.

  20. to the poster calling me an idiot.  Actually I’m right and you are wrong, it would be illegal to prevent the android wallet app just as someone pointed out microsoft got in trouble previously for ant-trust activity on their OS by blocking other apps.  But verizon’s lawyers aren’t stupid, they are probably trying to block the google wallet app by using “security and technical reasons” as an excuse.  The real reason is to block competition, which is illegal, but it looks like google is laying over and letting the excuse fly…Wireless carriers are up there with banks and lawyers on my list; evil, corrupt, and power hungry…Just great, now verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile are going to take over how we pay for things…I guess that will reduce the top to most evil entities on my list to just one, because wireless carriers are going to be our banks as well…

  21. Pog of Texas says:

    My fury and disgust toward Verizon over
    their crassness in refusing to release GNEX is slowly giving way to
    black humor and bitter cynicism. They are now the butt of jokes in
    blogs all over the world. They managed to give new meaning to the old
    anti-communist slogan “Better Dead than Red”. The only way I would ever
    renew service with them is if they would eat crow publicly apologize
    for their pettiness..or at least give some convincing explanation for
    what seems to be selfish greed and arrogance.

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