iPhone 4S or Verizon Galaxy Nexus reasons for and against

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon has finally hit the streets, how does the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone to hit the US streets stand up against bitter rival Apple and their iPhone 4S, is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus better than the iPhone 4S or is it the other way round?

Well the guys over at ZDnet thought they’d make a comparison between the iPhone 4S and Verizon Galaxy Nexus and have come up with ten reasons why you should opt for the iPhone 4S along with six reasons why you should go for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Verizon.

So we thought it would be a good idea to pass those reasons for and against along to our readership to see if they agree with the ZDnet guys appraisal, so here are those reasons…

First up the ten reasons you should opt for the iPhone 4S…the iOS smartphone offers better apps and service, better build quality, the iPhone 4S features the Siri virtual assistant, the iPhone 4S has a better camera, better speaker on the iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus display is too large, although Ice Cream Sandwich is the best Android OS to date it is still complicated, the iPhone 4S is a world phone whilst the Verizon Galaxy Nexus isn’t, too much malware on the Android platform, and the iPhone iOS web browser is far better.

When it comes to the six reasons why you should opt for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus…the device offers fast 4G LTE connectivity, the display is big and beautiful, Android 4.0 OS is better than previous Android operating systems, Google Maps Navigation experience, standard microUSB port with full HDMI out, and a removable battery.

So there you have it the 10 reasons for the iPhone 4S and 6 reasons for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but what we want to know is do you agree with those reasons or can you come up with more reasons for picking the Verizon Galaxy Nexus over the iPhone 4S or visa versa, if so feel free to oice those reasons to our comments area below.

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9 thoughts on “iPhone 4S or Verizon Galaxy Nexus reasons for and against”

  1. Lambs312 says:

    “better build quality” I would rather have a phone made of high tech plastic than terrible apple glass that shatters when dropped 2 feet. “screen to big” Personally I think the screen size of the iphone is a deal breaker, smallest of them all. Siri has existed on android for 2 years, it is just called something else. Camera, yes iphone is better. Speakers, I have no idea. ICS complicated, only if you are a 60 year old woman. Web browser better, please

    1. GW says:

      Yes, the build quality is far better with the iPhone.  Simple command language that google uses is NOTHING like the natural conversational language that Siri uses.  That’s like comparing a MIG 17 to an F-22.  That goes the same for comparing the OS’s too.  The screen size point made in the article is very valid – it is a phone not a tablet. It should be usable with one hand (I would think that you would particularly enjoy the benefits of having a free hand). Obviously you haven’t seen the side by side comparisons of the browsers or you would understand what the author of the article was talking about – well, maybe understand is too strong a word…

      I find the only thing worse than an Apple fanboy is a google fanboy.

      1. Blog says:

        The iPhone browser is smooth and neat while the galaxy nexus stutters and lags. The auto correction on the iPhone is still better, hands down. Camera on the iPhone is much cleaner. Siri is actually usable for reminders.

        I like the huge screen on the nexus. Of course the lte with Verizon. And certainly the big screen. ICS beats all previous iteration of android but still has a long way to go. iOS on the other hand is boring and desperate needs some change in the cool factor.

        I’ve tried all iterations of android. I still think the iPhone is a much more go to device in terms of usability.

    2. goin' broke says:

      WHAT!???  I’m a 60 year old woman.  I hooked up my home theater by MYSELF, built my last desktop PC and can’t wait to get my hands on the Nexus Galaxy.  These days 60 isn’t old and women can do most things that men do.  In my household, its the hubby who finds these things complicated (even though he has a high IQ and is very smart!)  Better to say, ICS is complicated, only if you are a technophobe or can’t deal with too steep learning curve.

  2. Gabriel Voinea says:

    Iphone is an artificially overblown and overpriced marketing hype.
    I can give you 10 reasons to stay away of it:
    1. The price is more then double what it should be, at least in Europe (it’s more than 600 euros, compared with maximum 300-400 euros for a similar performance Android phone).
    2. You can’t add 32 GB of memory with a micro-SD card, as you can on any Android phone.
    3. You don’t have a USB port.
    4. You don’t have a micro-HDMI port.
    5. The battery is dead in less then 2 days of stand-by, while my Android phone is getting at least 4 days o maderate usage.
    6.You can’t replace the battery. In an Android phone, you can have a fully charged replacement battery allways on you and change it in less than 1 minute.
    7. The display of the iphone is is way to small. On a modern smartphone you should have at least 4 inch display.
    8. On iphone you don’t have any freedom to chose the OS and applications you install, you are stuck with what Apples sticks through your neck, at the prices they want.
    9. The software is much more expensive on iphone than on Android, the same application you buy for iphone is free on Android Market.
    10. The looks of the iphone is getting old and unattractive.

    1. Wp7 says:

      1.  What it SHOULD be – who made you the official pricing god.
      2.  iPhones come in 16, 32 and 64 GB and not ALL ‘roid devices have micro-SD slots (latest google nexus comes with 32GB and that is it) or replaceable batteries (Motorola ‘roid razr) (see your #6 ridiculous statement).
      3.  So?  It has a 30pin doc connector to USB, I can use that.
      4.  Once again doc connector to HDMI.
      5.  That is just wrong.
      6.  See #2.
      7.  Wrong again.  The 3.5 screen is perfect for using one hand.
      8.  I have plenty of choice on if I want to upgrade to the next OS and what apps I want to download.  You ‘roid people are at the mercy of the carrier as far as updates to the OS go, unless you want to go through the hassle of rooting the damn thing.
      9.  The same version of apps on ‘roid that is “free” isn’t the same as the ones you pay for on iOS.  The free ‘roid software is a knock off.
      10.  To you maybe.

      Just set your ‘roid down on an inflatable doughnut and relax.  Your phone is fine for you, there is no need for your inferiority complex.

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