Smaller 7.85 inch Apple iPad coming in 2012

Despite a long time ago Apple saying they wouldn’t push out a smaller version of the Apple iPad because smaller sized tablets were going nowhere, it appears that Apple has changed their mind about smaller tablets, due to the uptake of smaller Android based tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and Apple wants a piece of that pie as well.

Thus according to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, a report by DigiTimes has it that Apple is preparing to deliver a smaller 7.85-inch Apple iPad before Q4 of 2012 along with a new iOS slate to be offered in Q1, which is presumed to be the Apple iPad 3.

According to the DigiTimes article, unnamed sources in the supply chain claim the new iPad will launch towards the end of the first quarter and Apple “is likely” to launch the mini iPad prior to the forth quarter of 2012.

Apparently Apple has been persuaded to come up with the 7.85-inch iOS slate to combat the increasing popularity of small sized tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire along with larger display smartphones, presumably like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The 7.85-inch panels for the mini Apple iPad will be supplied by LG Display along with panels from AU Optics and production of the new Apple device is expected to begin at the end of Q2.

Of course there is no confirmation on any of these new iPads as we all know Apple never confirms anything until such times as they are good and ready so for now this remains firmly in the rumour area.

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