The Future of The Blackberry: Will it Die or Survive

With leading competitors like the iPhone and Android, the Blackberry is facing a complex and challenging future. What will it take for the Blackberry to survive in the coming years? As a mere consumer, I think certain strategies could contribute to the survival of the Blackberry.

I base these ideas on whether I would choose to buy a Blackberry over other leading phones. I don’t mean to imply that the Blackberry should solely copy one of its competitors, but it will need to keep up in more ways than one.

The Blackberry has been the leader in the business world thus far. But what will the future hold regarding business? The Blackberry will need to incorporate certain features if not to appease the professional world, but to appease technological advancement in general.

Improving interface and possibly incorporating touch screen or other popular features could expand the current Blackberry market and appeal to those who would have opted for another mobile. With that said, Blackberry must sustain its appeal to professionals and not lose sight of its current market.

Alienating the business world would be a sure-fire way to end the phone’s winning streak.

The next Blackberry PlayBook is rumored to feature 4G-connectivity and a higher resolution screen. There’s no denying that the smartphone is “smart” indeed, but the question is, in what ways will the Blackberry need to evolve to increase or sustain sales? Some of the ideas I’ve pitched are certainly possibilities, but only time will tell if RIM will have the ingenuity needed for Blackberry’s fate.

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2 thoughts on “The Future of The Blackberry: Will it Die or Survive”

  1. Ken says:

    I applaud the author if her objective is to create a metaphor; this release of this article offers nothing new, innovative or insightful; emulating the BB devices that have recently come to market. On the plus side, it doesn’t have a battery that needs to be pulled 4 times, daily.

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