ClockworkMod Tether for Android: wireless tethering best bits

There is always a lot of news surrounding tethering, but we’ve just heard of a new alpha application on Android that allows wireless tethering. Thanks to team CyanogenMod and one particular individual, that of “Koushik Data,” whose work has involved developing Android’s ROM Manager and Clockwork Mod, has now thought up a new introduction which benefits from no rooting.

According to androinica.com, the new ClockworkMod Android tether differs from previous applications including: the benefit of not needing a monthly tethering plan from your device’s carrier, the phone will not need to be rooted, and lastly thanks to a workaround ready to be implemented will stop detection by a particular carrier.

At this stage, the new app which is still in testing, is open to feedback from those trying to use it and as Koushik Data stated, the new ClockworkMod Tether should work with any phone device and carrier, whilst allowing carriers not to detect it.

Getting started requires you, the user to download and then run a Linux, Mac or Windows application. As androinica.com reported, the desktop client is required to start with initiation set up for the PC and phone.

To find out more head on over to the link above. Give us your thoughts on this?

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