HTC Radiant for AT&T resembles most Windows Phones

I figure the one thing that is a constant with Windows Phone devices is that they all basically look the same no matter what maker delivers a Windows Phone, and it appears the same can be said for the latest Windows Phone handset to be pictured, the HTC Radiant for AT&T, which looks much like the HTC Titan.

The guys over at Pocket Now have managed to get hold of the first picture of the HTC Radiant, an LTE enabled Windows Phone that is apparently destined to play nice on the AT&T network and was recently tipped to make its debut at CES 2012 along with the Samsung Mendel, a device we so far know nothing about, and the Nokia Ace.

According to the guys there are a couple of differences between the HTC Titan and the HTC Radiant, with the top of the Radiant sporting a larger HTC logo and the devices appears to sport a bigger front camera, and the buttons on the right side are closer to the bottom.

Other changes according to the unnamed source is that there is now a curve in the aluminium just above the rear camera whilst the dual LED flash has shifted to the right slightly and apparently the device is a slightly different colour and packs a non-removable battery.

And that’s about your lot, no word on any real hard and fast specs on the HTC Radiant yet, but as this is a Windows Phone one can expect the same as every other Windows Phone out there including the same old look.

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One thought on “HTC Radiant for AT&T resembles most Windows Phones”

  1. Chris says:

    All windows phones look the same? Hardly the case. Specs all the same? Come on, you could at least pretend to leave your personal opinion to one side and attempt being impartial.

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