New Velocity Micro Cruz T507 & T510 Android 4.0 tablets

The first of this year’s major technology events kicks off next week, that of the Consumer Electronics Show located in Las Vegas. Many manufacturers will show off their new devices some of which will see a release in 2012, devices including smartphones, tablets, TV’s, laptops and so on.

Joining in with others, company Velocity Micro will be keen to announce and showcase two new tablets, one geared up as a budget model, whilst the second a higher ended model to fall in line with the Apple iPad.

Debuting at the CES show, which coincidentally kicks off next week on the 10th January, the two new tablets can be seen in the flesh. Running with Android ICS 4.0 OS, the first budget T507 tablet will include a 7-inch display with 1.2GHz Cortex A8 chipset, along with 512MB RAM, ARM graphics, 8GB of storage, front facing camera and pre-installed Amazon’s Appstore.

According to BGR, the bigger T510 has been designed with the iPad in mind, incorporating a 9.7-inch display with the T507 specs to match.

Although prices are still not known, customers can bet their bottom dollar that they will be reasonable.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the new T507 and T510?


2 thoughts on “New Velocity Micro Cruz T507 & T510 Android 4.0 tablets”

  1. Grantthelen says:

    Looks interesting, but my experience with these tablets are, while they are ok for the price, are slow and sluggish and app support is limited. but the $99 paid for an android 2.2 tablet isn’t shabby.

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