Apples First iPhone 1983: Dream to Reality

Apples first iPhone was a dream back in 1983, but then this was put into reality. The thought of an Apple phone release was not intended to be a smartphone with a touchscreen, but yet a landline iPhone with built-in display screen that users controlled with a simple old-school stylish, but we must remember back in 1983 a stylus was cool-tech.

The dream was designed by Hartmut Esslinger for Apple, it was he the designer with the gift to bring the iPhone to reality but not as we know it today. Esslinger is the designer behind the Apple IIc computer who then founded Frogdesign according to Mashable.

If you look into Stanford University’s massive history of archives the pictures of the iPhone design can be seen, visit the source above to see some more pictures. These archives are protected just as much as the Mona Lisa, they were donated back to the late Steve Jobs back in 1997 when he re-joined Apple.

History to present really makes a difference in what gets released to the public, but still good to see Apples first iPhone 1983 to the first official iPhone release in 2007.

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