Controlling smartphone games with Sphero robotic ball

So what is the future of controlling gaming, why use your fingers to control a game on your smartphone when you will soon be able to use a ball thus leaving your touch screen free of fingers and not having to continually tilt the handset, apparently that’s whet the Sphero Robotic Ball does, and we have a couple of videos of the Sphero Robotic Ball in action for your viewing consideration below.

The guys over at The Next Web were on hand to play with this new game controller, basically the device is a sphere with a small motor inside than allows it to travel in any direction and is controlled you’re your Bluetooth Android or iOS device.

As a game device itself all it basically does is roll around and needs to be placed into the inductive charging dock to power up, but really I depends on just how creative you can be with the ball, perhaps annoy your pet with it.

However you can quickly become bored with just having a robotic ball rolling around even if it is Android, and thus the makers Orbotix have come up with three gaming applications and tow apps that set up the Sphero and let you just drive it around.

The game style apps for Sphero are Sphero Golf, obviously a golfing game, SpheroCam so you can record videos of you tormenting your pet with the robotic ball, and the Draw & Drive app, that allows the user to draw on their touch screen and watch the ball move to the pattern, very entertaining.

The Sphero Robotic Ball is compatible with both iOS and Android devices with all apps being free from iTunes and the Android Market whilst the Sphero Ball will set you back quite a hefty $129 from Here.

I’ll leave it right there an simply let you head on down to check out those two videos to see what you think of the Sphero robotic ball and feel free to let us know if you think it is worth the price…enjoy.

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  1. I’ve seen the Sphero toy now a few times.  It does seem a bit expensive for a cat toy.  None the less it is pretty cool and I’m sure would keep my cat entertained for hours.

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