Ford Car Sync: iHeartRadio app

For those that own a Ford car, during CES 2012, Ford announced they are the first auto company to deliver drivers easy in-car access to the iHeartRadio application using voice control via Ford Sync with AppLink, and the new iHeartRadio is one of the first broadcast radio apps to connect listeners via a native in-car system to Facebook Timeline.

According to the Virtual Press Office, with the iHeartRadio app, the president of Clear Channel Digital, Brian Lakamp has said that Ford drivers can create their won custom stations along with tuning into leading stations of 150 cities, whilst staying connected to their favourite on-air personalities.

The iHeartRadio app allows drivers to use voice commands to locate exactly what they wish to listen to by saying ‘genre,’ ‘city,’ or ‘personality’ to search by type of music, host and location of station, and also connects users hands-free to their Facebook Timeline via SYNC AppLink to share music with friends.

With the iHeartRadio app drives who wish to listen to other stations similar to the station they are already listening to just have to say “recommend stations,” or “use my stations,” and the app will switch to custom stations they have created in their favourites.

Apparently according to a Nationwide Mutual Insurance survey in 2010, in excess of 1-in-4 of the millions of Americans that download smartphones apps say they use their apps when driving. Thus recognising drivers are using apps when driving, Ford decided to become part of the solution by developing the AppLink to give SYNC users hands-free voice control of smartphone apps.

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