Samsung Tops Best Phone Lists in 2011

2011 has been a great year for Samsung. Having chosen to adopt Google’s Android operating system for the majority of its smartphones, the mobile phone manufacture has played a key role in helping to challenge Apple’s dominance.

The majority of its releases over the past year have done well, particularly the Samsung Galaxy S2, building on the popularity of the original S to become one of the year’s best-selling handsets. Launched in February last year, the S2 overtook Apple’s iPhone 4 and continued to hold the top spot in consumers’ hearts right up until the release of the updated 4S in October.

Although it has had less time to build a fan base, the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t done too badly either. The Nexus is the first phone to have received the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, version 4.0 of its operating system. The update began rolling out to Nexus owners earlier this year, and although it had to be paused for a while to address some glitches it should be back on over the next few weeks. The S2 and Galaxy Note will also be receiving the newer version of the software, although it is still uncertain whether the Galaxy Tab and original S will be similarly updated.

The Galaxy Note is being touted as Samsung’s “phablet” — a phone/tablet hybrid that unites the best features of both devices. Its 5.3-inch screen is particularly impressive, although arguably not particularly portable. Yet to launch in the US, the Note has done well so far since its release in Europe and Asia, shifting over one million units in just two months. Figures are expected to increase monumentally when it also becomes available to American consumers.

Samsung performed well in 2011, and could do even better in 2012 if they make the right moves.

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