Nokia Asha 200 & 300 India launch, prices

If you live in India then you may want to know about the new Nokia Asha 200 and 300 mobile phones launch. The competition for the mobile market is fierce at the moment and the Finnish company is releasing many new phones this year, and these two entry-level handsets are just two of them.

The Nokia Asha 200 and Asha 300 are dual SIM phones that are priced at Rs 4,349 and Rs 7,409 respectively, these are targeted at the younger generation and come featuring 1GHz processors, and multiple SIM management allowing up to five SIM cards personalisation.

To personalise you do not need to remove the battery or turn the handsets off, the Asha 200 is QWERTY based and dual SIM with a 2MP camera, the Asha 300 has a 5MP camera and offer social networking connectivity.

Are these types of phones becoming more favoured than super smartphones?

Source – NDTV


4 thoughts on “Nokia Asha 200 & 300 India launch, prices”

  1. Andrewphilip7 says:

    200  With QWERTY and Easy Swap dual SIM. Use the Easy
    Swap function to swap multiple SIM cards on the go. Use the QWERTY to message

  2. manisha panda says:

    Asha phones, are these phones with both touch and type features, i heard a lot about Asha Phones. Well it is Nokia so surely it will rock the market, Every Nokia phone has been a big success as of date and these colors seems to be new. The prices are also very reasonable.

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