FoxTube App: Play YouTube video without buffering

It can be somewhat of a pain when you go to watch a YouTube video on a mobile device only to have to wait donkeys for the footage to buffer before you can view it, something that can be quite annoying at times, but if you own an iOS device there’s a new app available that can take that annoying buffering problem out of the equation.

The app is called FoxTube for iOS and allows the user to play YouTube videos anywhere without buffering and there’s even a FoxTube HD version available for the Apple iPad.

The FoxTube app features the ability to manage playlists, rename, move, copy, delete, and merge, make an easy search with auto-completion and search history, supports remote controls, and supports background playing.

The FoxTube iOS app also features pre-cache videos before playing, customisable gestures, TV-out for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and Airplay mirroring for the iPhone 4S, and the ability to display medio information in the lock screen o iOS 5 only.

We also have a couple of videos of the FoxTube iOS app in action for your viewing consideration below so you can check out just how they work before you rush off to purchase the apps so don’t forget to mash those play buttons.

For those that would like to take advantage of buffering free YouTube video viewing on their iOS device, the FoxTube app for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes at a cost of $2.99 whilst the FoxTube HD app for iPad can be purchased for $4.99.

Of course if you do download and use the apps feel free to let us know what you think and if they work as well as expected by dropping us a line to our comments area below…enjoy.

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