One Keyboard for iPhone by Matias

If you own an iPhone or Apple iPad and are in need of a proper keyboard for your iOS device you might like to know there are a couple of new option available from Matias that will not only control your computer but also your iOS device, two are available to purchase right now whilst a third is up for pre-order.

According to an article over on New Launches, Matias is now offering the One Keyboard for the iPhone, their flagship model, which is a full size USB keyboard that features a cradle to house your iPhone or iPod Touch, two USB 2.0 ports, inverted t directional buttons, full numeric keyboard and a button than enables instant switching to use the keyboard on your iOS device.

Then there is the Slim One, which is a laptop style keyboard for the iPhone that features similar styling to that of current USB Apple keyboards along with what is called a MiniResizer that holds and tilts your iPhone and has rubber feet to stop the device from moving around.

And lastly there is the Tactile One, which is a full sized keyboard but with a thicker body to accommodate full Alps style mechanical keyswitches, sculpted curved key tops, and a three-port USB 2.0 in-board hub.

So price, the One Keyboard for the iPhone will set you back a reasonable $99.95, whilst the Slim One keyboard costs $79.95, and once the Tactile One keyboard becomes available it will set you back $199.95 from Matias.

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