Google Majel wait prompts Skyvi (Siri for Android)

A new voice activated service coming to Android is Google Majel, but whilst customers wait for this new addition it prompts us to find you alternatives. We have come up with the Skyvi app (Siri for Android), seems fairly decent.

Google Majel is being talked about a lot lately, and the name derives from wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry “Majel Barrett-Roddenberry”, who is the voice behind the Enterprise’s on-board computer. It has been said that it will compliment as a feature to Iris who we all know as the voice assistant on Android phones.

So while you wait for Majel, how about trying out the Skyvi app for Android by BlueTornado, Apple’s Siri voice assistant lacks in many departments, but Skyvi does it all.

Main features include:
Fast find and call places, Define words, Fun chats, Witty remarks, Location Reminder Beacons, Tell jokes, Get directions, Ask for things around you, Local weather and time, it also searches for local businesses, Tweet or Update Facebook with Voice, Access Facebook with voice, Access Twitter with voice, and we know Siri cannot activate Facebook or Twitter via voice control.

Many new features have been added over the last month, such as: hold extended conversations, Complete UI overhaul, Language engine upgraded to Slang, Major Speed improvements and much more.

Please do visit the Android Market and install the free Skyvi (Siri for Android) app, if you already have we would like you to let us know what you think of it.


5 thoughts on “Google Majel wait prompts Skyvi (Siri for Android)”

  1. Jackholl says:

    It doesn’t call people from phone book or text which are the most basic things physically possible.
    Other wise yes great app but I don’t use it for the reason above I don’t like having to search my phone book through several of the same named person and many other apps just call immediately.

  2. Elarelie says:

    it DOES call and text from contacts. infact i told it to send a text to “Bridget’ and it found her in my contacts (i have her saved as “brig”) and it still worked. this is great. tho it refuses to learn my eLise so i settled for lisa lol

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