Using iPhone music apps to complete album

There are many music apps out there for smartphones but just how good are some of them, are they good enough for a professional rock band to record an album? Well apparently so, as Alabama based rock band One Like Son has spent a year recording new songs only using iPhone track apps.

According to the guys over at Mashable, One Like Son front man, Stephen Poff in the past recorded two albums the traditional way in a studio using hard disc systems, amps, condenser microphones and such, and decided their next album would be made by using iPhone track apps.

Poff said of the new album that he feels it is one of their best sounding recordings, although recording tracks only using apps was much more difficult than he had anticipated. Poff’s previous iPhone recording experience was only experimenting on basic 4-track apps that enable the user to record and overlay 4 tracks so they can play together.

The first album recorded entirely on the iOS smartphone is called Start The Show, an 11-track album that was completed on December the 31st 2011, and used such iOS apps as GuitarJack, ThumbJam, AmpKit, MultiTrack DAW and Four Track that enabled the band members to connect their real instruments to their iPhone.

For those that would like to own the first music album recorded entirely on the iPhone, Start The Show by One Like Son can be purchased from iTunes and Bandcamp right now.

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