Chrome Windows Phone app: shortcut to IE scam

When is a Chrome Windows Phone app now a Chrome Windows Phone app? When basically that app turns out to be somewhat of a scam and direct you to Internet Explorer that is when, and apparently that is just what the “Chrome” for Windows Phone app does, and is getting a fair piece of negative feedback.

According to the guys over at WPCentral, the “Chrome” app for Windows Phone is being offered on the Windows Phone Marketplace for sale at $1.99 by scam artist Manihandan S, and he claims that the app is the “same as a google chrome web browser.”

The guys say obviously this app isn’t the same and also violates Google’ copyright along with false advertising as the Windows Phone app is just IE9 with a wrapper around it and is gaining negative reviews from customers.

The feedback on the app includes such comments as a complete letdown and a waste of time, opens IE, and is useless, it’s a shortcut to IE and so on.

Hopefully Microsoft will eventually kick the app from the Windows Phone Marketplace, but until that time the general consensus is you should avoid purchasing this app because it doesn’t work as it says it does and is basically a scam.

If you have downloaded the app in question to your Windows Phone handset we’d like to hear your opinions of this app, which you can post to our comments area below.

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