Fuel economy iPhone app helps reduce bills

Mobile phone apps that helps save money and that helps the environment out, is always a good one in our eyes, and with rising fuel prices going through the roof nowadays whatever country you are in apps like these can make a little difference.

Say hello to a new iPhone app called “Fuel School”, yes it does sound like you are going back to school, but trust us it is not that bad. Do you ever find yourself making many trips to fuel stations, looking at that high price on the board outside? Well please read on for more information on the new Fuel School app.

This app can potentially save customers up to 10% on fuel bills, it helps you drive more efficiently. It works using the iPhones GPS, and it is this that works out your driving style, once it has done so it will calculate your fuel efficiency rating.

Other cool features include the eco driving tips and advice section where it helps you maintain your vehicle, this way you can get the most miles out of each tank of fuel.

Not only does it give you top tips, it also includes features such as: Total time of journey, Distance travelled, Total inefficient driving time, Total efficient driving time, these are all easily read thanks to the bar charts. The app also comes with universal settings such as miles/kilometres, and it comes with warning sounds, which tells you when you enter the red on the ‘ecometer’.

At the moment you can buy the Fuel School app for only £0.69/$0.99 (it is only this price until March 2012), when the normal price will be £1.49/$1.99.

Do you ever worry about fuel prices?

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