Microsoft Windows 8 OS mobile and broadband future

It seems Microsoft wants everyone to know just how much better their new Windows 8 operating system will be over its predecessor and to that end Microsoft has unveiled several Windows 8 details and in particular has highlighted how the new operating system will enable users to better manage WiFi along with other mobile broadband networks.

According to the guys over at ITProportal by way of MSBN, Billy Anders, Microsoft’s group program manager has said they have looked at the fundamentals of wireless connectivity and have “re-engineered” Windows 8 for a wireless and mobile future.

Apparently WiFi simply isn’t enough and so Microsoft has developed and integrated “mobile broadband” into Windows 8 for delivering other than WiFi a high-class connectivity experience.

Word is that Windows 8, unlike Windows 7 will sport a “common mobile broadband class driver” and said driver will work with numerous smartphone devices without the necessity of installing any separate device driver software.

According to Anders all the user need to do is plug in a device and connect and the driver stays up to date by way of Windows Update.

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