iPhone hacker GeoHot quits Facebook, what next?

The guys famous for hacking Apple’s famed iPhone, George Hotz otherwise know as GeoHot was back in last June hired by Facebook; however it appears that there has been a parting of the ways between GeoHot and Facebook as the famed iPhone hacker doesn’t work there any more, so the stint didn’t last that long.

According to an article over on Business Insider, the iOS hacker has left Facebook, so what do you think GeoHot is up to these days? Well if you think his been hacking you would be correct as this past Sunday GeoHot was at Backpane, which is a startup funded by Lady Gaga.

Apparently GeoHots introduced himself at Backpane as the hacker who was sued by Sony but we all know George is most famous for releasing software that enables iOS users to jailbreak Apple gear.

And whilst at Backpane there was a hackathon going on and Boonsri Dickinson of Business Insider got to work with GeoHot as he built an app that enables you to see just where your Facebook friends are on a map.

And for your viewing consideration we have a video of GeoHots working on that new app with Dickinson and Quora engineer Aviv Ovadya, so don’t forget to hit that play button to check out the famous hacker doing his stuff.

So, now that GeoHot has left Facebook what do our readers think the famous hacker will get up to next, what will he hack next? GeoHot has already given he mobile space purplera1n, blackra1n and Limera1n, so what next can we expect, any ideas?

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One thought on “iPhone hacker GeoHot quits Facebook, what next?”

  1. pseudonymmail says:

    I know him in r/l..he doesn’t do RE stuff anymore cause there is no money in it..so no more jailbreaks..and he can’t touch Sony stuff anyway..

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