Readers iPhone 4 top 10 mini review

We asked around our social networks if smartphone users could send us a mini review of their handsets, and Sally Blair did just that. She talks about her Apple iPhone 4 and gives us her top 10 reasons why it is a fantastic phone.

Of course you can agree or disagree with this review, we do welcome all comments, for and against.

She has the iPhone 4 and said that there are many good points; she said that the list could go on and on so she gave her top 10.

Top 10 best points: 1) Fantastic camera which u can edit there and then, 2) FaceTime is great and loves the fact she can see who she is talking too, 3) The fact that iCloud gives you even more storage on top of what u get with phone, 4) There are so many good games and so real looking, 5) The size and weight of phone means it is not to big and not too small in your hands, 6) Multitasking is fantastic because you can switch from one app to another without coming out of each one, 7) Sync is great because you can back up phone without laptop or PC, it can be done by via WiFi, 8) I like the maps because it gives you turn-by-turn instructions, 9) The App Store gives you a great choice of apps to choose from, and finally number 10) She loves the retina display on the iPhone 4 because it gives good colour and pictures.

She goes on to say that these are only a few good things about iPhone. She mentions she could go on and on, but the above are the top 10 reasons why the iPhone 4 is the best out. She actually sent this mini review via her iPhone, thanks Sally.


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